Friday Art Cat in a Box

Attention cat lovers: this is an art project that whimsically displays a little bit of the fun of owning cats. Reblogged from


A couple of years ago when we moved, I routinely found cats in the packing boxes while I was stowing our belongings. It’s a miracle that no one was accidentally sealed in and carried to the moving van. Cat with moving boxes. Watercolor and drawing.

I continue to accommodate the box love at my house. At the grocery co-op there’s a bin of boxes by the registers for shoppers to recycle instead of using a bag. This is an excellent and responsible reuse of materials. I see it as an opportunity to get a present for the Friday Art Cat. My dining room is littered with an assortment of these ever-changing boxes, which at any given moment might contain a kitty.

If you’re interested in why cats like boxes so much, or just want to see some cute cat-in-boxes videos, or even a Simon’s Cat animation, you can go this brief Huffington Post article.

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