10 More Rules For A Happy Marriage

There are so many things that are necessary to build a strong relationship.  Each one is vital if the relationship is to stand the test of time and troubles.  And troubles will come, whether through illness, death of a child or parent, becoming a full-time caregiver to a family member, etc.  If the relationship isn’t … Continue reading 10 More Rules For A Happy Marriage

FREE! FREE! FREE! Mini Course from Holly Lisle.

Here's a link to a new FREE 3-day workshop (starts today: Tuesday) with Holly Lisle. You get FREE downloadable worksheets to spark your creativity in her mini How To Think Sideways course. here's the link: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=KCOJ6&m=3_Cx2P4bZqt9vgP&b=2GmX5wT86yb_v6lgTPbn6g

I’m Thankful For. . .#8

Today is Saturday. It is a balmy, cloudy day with a chance of rain. We gave my mother-in-law her Christmas gift today. We put a flagpole in the ground at the corner of her home and hoisted her deceased husband's U.S. flag provided by the AmVets at his funeral, and a West Virginia state flag … Continue reading I’m Thankful For. . .#8

Good Tidings

This is a writing challenge as posted by worldwidesoulmate. The challenge is to meet my ten-years-younger self for coffee and find the most challenging, rewarding and fun things for me to do, or have done. Here goes. I'm sitting at Brewster's Internet Cafe in Sebring. I've ordered a mocha cappaccino and a carrot muffin. My … Continue reading Good Tidings