A Special Child

I don't know who wrote this poem. It was clipped from a newspaper but I really liked it. A meeting was held quite far from earth "It's time again for another birt," Said the angels to the Lord above, "This special child will need much love." His progress may seem very slow Accomplishments he may … Continue reading A Special Child

I’m Thankful For. . .#8

Today is Saturday. It is a balmy, cloudy day with a chance of rain. We gave my mother-in-law her Christmas gift today. We put a flagpole in the ground at the corner of her home and hoisted her deceased husband's U.S. flag provided by the AmVets at his funeral, and a West Virginia state flag … Continue reading I’m Thankful For. . .#8

My Most Prized Possession-Writing 101

I thought about this a long time. There are so many things I could choose: a hand-carved wooden plate from Germany, my mother's platter with the rose in the middle, my Little Golden Book printed in 1952 called "Prayers For Children," photos of long-deceased relatives that were dear to me and my family, paintings done … Continue reading My Most Prized Possession-Writing 101