Writing Tips From betternovelproject.com

This site has some of the most comprehensive, object specific information on how to write a great novel. I try to keep all of the information I read there either re-blogged or bookmarked somewhere so I can refer back to it often. The two articles I found on this site today has a chart on … Continue reading Writing Tips From betternovelproject.com


How To Think Sideways and Other Posts

Holly Lisle is one of my favorite online writing instructors. She has written numerous novels and books on the craft of writing in different genres. She offers some free courses and some that are not free. Her website has downloadable worksheets to go with her books on the craft of writing. Her most recent post … Continue reading How To Think Sideways and Other Posts

The Best Editing Tools for Creative Writers

The Best Editing Tools for Creative Writers. by Robert Morris at interestingliterature.com. https://theowlladyblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/the-best-editing-tools-for-creative-writers/#like-53577 This is some great advice for any writer, regardless of genre, who struggles with revision and self-editing. There was no reblog button so you'll need to click on one of the above links to read the article.