New Cover

Hello, friends,

Wow! It sure has been a busy couple of months here in southern Alabama. I apologize for not keeping up with my blog and leaving you all stranded. Keeping up with three teen grandkids, helping their mom after surgery, and trying to keep up with church activities and trying to spend time with the other three (younger) grandkids is a full time job. Don’t look at my house. I drop things off and they sit until I have the energy to pick up after myself and my husband. But life is great and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, I’m writing today to let everyone know that I have changed the cover of “Mending Fences” back to the original drawing and am going to attempt to get it in paperback in the next couple of months. (I know, I’m behind schedule.) I’m going to use Amazon’s Create Space. Their site says they can take a drawing and make it look professional so I’m going to give it a try. I really believe the cover of a book should give the reader a glimpse as to the story’s content. Plus I think my brother-in-law, who is a professional artist, did a great job creating a scene to my specifications.

I wanted to do another giveaway in time for Christmas but now Amazon wants me to spend a minimum of $100 for the promotion. Although that’s not a bad price, it’s not in my budget so please forgive me for not doing another one right now.

Blessings to all.

Aleta Kay



A Little Late Night Reading

I’m changing the type of blogs I write. I will continue to reblog from others that have valuable posts but I’m going to begin posting things that are primarily about writing, or reading. Most writers are also voracious readers.

My husband is neither a writer (although he is my manager as he has the business sense, and sees the logical side of things) nor a reader.

Lately he has asked me to read to him some of the books I have enjoyed. I began reading to him one of my all-time favorite novels by my top favorite author: Francine Rivers. The book is “A Voice In The Wind.” It is an historical novel, the first in a trilogy called “The Mark of the Lion” series. All of her books are available on Amazon.

The setting for the series is during the time of the Roman Empire. There are four main characters: Haddassah is a young Hebrew girl who barely escapes with her life when the Romans come in and destroy Jerusalem around A.D. 70. Her people were starving, and those who didn’t starve to death were either killed by the Romans or local looter, or they were taken to as slaves to Rome.

Once in Rome, Haddassah becomes a personal slave to Julia, the headstrong fifteen-year-old daughter of a wealthy Roman family. Julia has an older brother, Marcus, who is very indulgent of his little sister. Both of them live in a morally depraved society, brought on by too much wealth and political debauchery. Marcus and Julia are always at odds with their old-fashioned parents.

The fourth character is Atretes, a German warrior of the Chatti tribe. They are a barbaric race that worships the god Tiwaz. Atretes is strong and it takes six Roman soldiers to defeat his army and bring him into captivity.

I won’t spoil the story by giving all of the details, but Francine Rivers is a master at weaving the stories of these characters together. You know them. You feel their frustration, their hurts, thei desperate longing for a peace they seem unable to find, no matter how much they entertain themselves.

In these stories I see many parallels between the Roman society then and our society today. Beware, folks. We may end up with the same fate as the Roman Empire. We have taken God’s blessings for granted.