Frienemies Chapter Twenty-Two

Angel drove the Browning brougham, pulled by a pair of matching chestnut Morgan horses, to Fawn’s house. Today was Fawn’s birthday and Angel was determined to make it memorable. She carefully alighted from the conveyance, smoothed her dress and made sure her hat was still on straight. Reaching into the seat of the buggy, she … Continue reading Frienemies Chapter Twenty-Two

New Cover

Hello, friends, Wow! It sure has been a busy couple of months here in southern Alabama. I apologize for not keeping up with my blog and leaving you all stranded. Keeping up with three teen grandkids, helping their mom after surgery, and trying to keep up with church activities and trying to spend time with … Continue reading New Cover

A Little Late Night Reading

I'm changing the type of blogs I write. I will continue to reblog from others that have valuable posts but I'm going to begin posting things that are primarily about writing, or reading. Most writers are also voracious readers. My husband is neither a writer (although he is my manager as he has the business … Continue reading A Little Late Night Reading