Where is Peace?

Where can we find peace? These are turbulent times.  While many people are doing fine, or seem to be, many others are worried, depressed, with no hope and no peace.  They are frustrated, afraid, and confused. Take courage, my friend.  I do not have a crystal ball (where are all the fortune tellers now who … Continue reading Where is Peace?

Reader Poll

I feel that what I've been doing so far with this blog isn't working. That, in large part, is due to my inconsistency in posting. For the umpteenth time I am going to change that. I will post every Tuesday and Saturday. The discussion on Tuesday will be marriage and family unless the majority of … Continue reading Reader Poll

A Little Help From My Friends

Yay! I got my email inbox down to under 1500.  I can breathe and begin to concentrate on my writing again (at least until it gets backed up again). I'm writing a trilogy with the continuing premise throughout the series that "the sins of the fathers are passed down to the third and fourth generation." … Continue reading A Little Help From My Friends