When The Embers Die

I was watching Dateline Sunday night when we got home from church.   A man had been accused of killing his wife.   They were a Christian family, attending church faithfully, the children involved in youth activities, their mother in ladies' Bible study groups.   The couple had been married for about twenty years.  The oldest child was in high … Continue reading When The Embers Die

Oh, No! I’ve Lost My Face

There are a lot of things I appreciate about Facebook. I have been able to reconnect with childhood friends and classmates, keep in touch with friends and family that are far away, keep up with family events, etc. I've had my account with Facebook for a few years now. But. . .sometimes they lose my … Continue reading Oh, No! I’ve Lost My Face

What Does Relationship Mean To You?

Why are relationships difficult? I believe it is because we see things from different perspectives and our words don't always come out the way we intend. What we say and what the other person hears are often not the same. Maybe that's why I write. I can see what I wrote, think about the message, … Continue reading What Does Relationship Mean To You?