What Is Love?

We use the word “love” for everything.  We love animals.  We love pizza and ice cream.  We love coffee or tea, etc.  So what do we really mean when we use this word?  The song lyrics equate love with sex.  They are not the same thing. Love is the most over-used word in the English … Continue reading What Is Love?

Sounding the Alarm Part 2

It is unfortunate that in our society today, it takes at least two incomes to support a family. That means absentee parents, and children who are left in the care of an older sibling or just to themselves. Often we cannot afford to pay someone to care for our children while they are alone and … Continue reading Sounding the Alarm Part 2

Everything Wrong in Life is Not God’s Fault

In the beginning. . . God created a garden that had every fruit tree, every berry bush, every food-producing plant. He decorated the garden with flowers. He was preparing a wonderland for the crown of His creation: man. He provided a mist from the ground to water everything. There were streams of fresh water for … Continue reading Everything Wrong in Life is Not God’s Fault

When It Seems All Hope Is Lost

What does Christmas mean to a little child? The answer would depend on his or her life situation. A child living in a family that has everything they need would probably be filled with anticipation of lots of presents, toys, candies, family gatherings, and all the food he could want. But a little girl living … Continue reading When It Seems All Hope Is Lost

A Special Child

I don't know who wrote this poem. It was clipped from a newspaper but I really liked it. A meeting was held quite far from earth "It's time again for another birt," Said the angels to the Lord above, "This special child will need much love." His progress may seem very slow Accomplishments he may … Continue reading A Special Child

Day 4: I’m Thankful For. . .

The Bible, God's love letter to me. It's true that it's there for all of the human race, if people would only believe. But when I read it, it's just for me. I wasn't feeling well last night so didn't go to bed until late. But the Lord woke me at 6:30 this morning. I … Continue reading Day 4: I’m Thankful For. . .