The Peace River Chronicles

Again, please bear with me here. I'm struggling with this. Everything I've read about writing/publishing says not to start a book with the protagonist introducing themselves because the reader, at the beginning, has no reason to care about the protagonist. I'm asking for feedback here. How many of you would keep reading after this opening? … Continue reading The Peace River Chronicles

I’m Thankful For–Post 6

I'm thankful for my kids: my son and my daughter (and my six grandkids, birthed by my daughter). They were so cute and precocious when they were little. When our son was a toddler we lived in a mobile home in Chincoteague, Virginia. The mobile home was carpeted except for the kitchen. It was linoleum. … Continue reading I’m Thankful For–Post 6

The Peace River Chronicles Book III Chapter 1

The Peace River Chronicles Book III Chapter One by Aleta Kay Kayla I live along the Peace River in Arcadia, Florida. Television and real estate ads make river front property sound like paradise. Let me tell you about Paradise. The dark caramel colored water is infested with gators, catfish, and floating debris from dead plant … Continue reading The Peace River Chronicles Book III Chapter 1

The Parents’ Rights Activist

Okay, some people are probably going to get upset with me, but I have to 'speak' my mind here. Fox News has been reporting for the past couple of days about a 7th grader who created a fake FB page, pretending to be someone else and using a lot of defamitory comments, supposedly from a … Continue reading The Parents’ Rights Activist