Travels with Kay and Tom

This page will be dedicated to our travels across this great country.

This is the first installment.

We have alread been traveling for two months, but I have been struggling with how to add my own (husband’s) photographs to my posts. Our son helped me figure it out. So….here’s the first installment.

Our first travel destination after visiting family in Houston, Texas was Palo Duro Canyon near Canyon, Texas. We stayed at Palo Duro Rim Ziplines, which is also an RV park. Great people run it, though since their office burned down, people may not realize at first that there is a campground there. But they have three two zip lines that give a great view of the canyon when the wind doesn’t spin you around. We loved it.

The photo below is me, before losing twenty-five pounds. I wasn’t scared. I was scanning the slopes, trying to find my photographer husband who took the picture. I’d do it again in a flat minute.


Here is a picture of part of the canyon, which also has great hiking trails, a nice gift shop with visual and audio information about the history of the area, and camping areas in the canyon. This picture is smaller so we could email it to family. Unfortunately, you really can’t see the depth of the canyon, but you still get a sense of its majesty and beauty.


This photo was taken from an overlook near the top of the road leading down to the camping areas.


This is a picture of a couple of woodpeckers in one of the tent camping areas that also is a great place for a picnic lunch.


One final tip. There are many experienced hikers and bicyclists who know how much water to take along, but for the novice, here is what the signs tell you at the beginning of each trail: Each person should carry one quart of water per person, per mile. So look at the legends or ask at the visitor center before you begin, to find out how long the trail is that you plan to take. We always packed a sandwich for lunch and a pack of crackers along with the water. Fresh fruit is also a good option. That way, if you get stranded, you won’t become weak from no food.

Happy travels!