My First Answer to prayer

My husband was in the process of getting discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard. I and our five-year-old son were living with his parents, waiting for him to come home. Every week for about a month he would call and tell me the paperwork was almost finished and he would be home that weekend. Then … Continue reading My First Answer to prayer

10 More Rules For A Happy Marriage

There are so many things that are necessary to build a strong relationship.  Each one is vital if the relationship is to stand the test of time and troubles.  And troubles will come, whether through illness, death of a child or parent, becoming a full-time caregiver to a family member, etc.  If the relationship isn’t … Continue reading 10 More Rules For A Happy Marriage

Little Instructions for a Good Life

Volcanic Mountain in Alaska  Photo by Tom Dye ©2001 Compliment three people every day. Watch the sunrise at least once a month. Be the first to smile and say “Hello”. Live beneath your means. Treat everyone like you want to be treated. Never give up on anybody; miracles do happen. Forget the Joneses (Don’t try … Continue reading Little Instructions for a Good Life

Cancer Update

This was taken nearly two years ago while traveling through New Mexico.  The Bandera Volcano is part of the El Malpais National Park.  I had just had surgery on my ankle (broken in 3 places) the previous December--about 6 months before this photo was taken).  It was probably the surgery that allowed the lymphatic lumps … Continue reading Cancer Update


Got this from a dear friend in Amarillo, TX in my email. No matter how GRUMPY you may be right now, this should change your mood PS: Don't forget to read the text at the end of this email. TEN (10) THINGS I KNOW ABOUT YOU   1) You are reading this.   2) You are human. … Continue reading HOW TO REMOVE GRUMPINESS!

Just Discovered A New Author

I just discovered author Connie J Jasperson. She writes medieval alternate universe fiction. I read the excerpt of the first book in the Tower of Bones series. I am enthralled and have put every book in the set on my Kindle wish list. Tower of Bones (3 Book Series) via To schedule writing time or to wing … Continue reading Just Discovered A New Author

Who Is Jesus?

Today is Sunday, the day the apostles and the early Christians met together to worship God. In our society today there seems to be much confusion over who Jesus is, or was. The Muslims say he was a good man and a great prophet. The Jews think he was a heretic. In Mark 8:27-29 Jesus … Continue reading Who Is Jesus?