Book Review: “The Cape Refuge” Series

Tom and I just finished reading the entire Cape Refuge series last week.  Wow.  Terry Blackstock knows how to weave a story, throw out red herrings, and keep you turning pages. All three books center around a halfway house run by Christians, and operated by donations of caring people, on an island in Georgia called Cape Refuge.  … Continue reading Book Review: “The Cape Refuge” Series

Angels Walking

I've been remiss in getting my book reviews in.  I read this book by Karen Kingsbury about a month ago.  My rating for Angels Walking would be five stars.  I was skeptical when I first started to read the book as it opened with angels getting their assignments. I decided to read it anyway, see how … Continue reading Angels Walking

Book Review: Reactance by Dacia Arnold

I just finished this book last night.  It is the prequel to Dacia's first novel in a trilogy.  Reactance is a novelette whose main character is a teenager turned activist by catastrophic events that leave the entire world in chaos. Sasha Bowman is the eighteen-year-old who keeps a journal of all the current events.  Her … Continue reading Book Review: Reactance by Dacia Arnold