Sunsets Over The Plains

Sunset after a storm in the northern plains of the panhandle of Texas.  The next photo is a different night but a spectacular sunset (in my opinion) while we were at the Adventure Zipline Park above Palo Duro Canyon. Photos taken by my husband, Thomas E. Dye God's ever-changing creation never ceases to amaze and … Continue reading Sunsets Over The Plains

Mother’s Day

I wanted to post this yesterday (Mother's Day) but didn't have enough wifi signal to post anything.   So here is my Mother's Day message, inspired by Sunday's sermon. Mother’s Day This coffee splattered photo is a picture of my mother and me when I was a little girl, about three or four years old.  My … Continue reading Mother’s Day

No Hot Water Needed

We are currently in the northern part of Nevada. It is so hot here we don't need the water heater turned on to get hot water for showers, washing dishes, etc. Likewise, our society (including our politicians) are so heated up with their own agenda that we have people fighting and killing each other over … Continue reading No Hot Water Needed

Religious or Christian?

I'll be honest. I have not looked up the definitions to these terms. These are my opinions. I hope they will bring clarification to those who think everyone who goes to church is religious. Religious: Someone who has a belief in God, may or may not go to church, and who claims affiliation with one … Continue reading Religious or Christian?

The Consequences of Sin

2 Samuel 11:26-12:19. This passage is too lengthy to copy here so I'll highlight the events. First, God sent Nathan the prophet to speak to David. At God's direction he told David a story about a rich man who had large herds of sheep and cattle, yet stole the only sheep his poor neighbor had, … Continue reading The Consequences of Sin

Big Sin or Little Sin?

The church we attend when we're in Jackson, TN is having revival services this week. This post is part of the message we heard tonight. I heard things that have never been brought out to me before. I share them now in the hopes that Christians will begin to take sin (even the "little" ones) … Continue reading Big Sin or Little Sin?

No Mirrors, No Problem

I was looking at another blog yesterday and it asked the question: what if there were no mirrors anywhere? Here are my thoughts on that theme. If there were no mirrors anywhere there would be far less vanity and conceit. We would be dependent on others to tell us if our hair was unkempt. We … Continue reading No Mirrors, No Problem