Sunsets Over The Plains

Sunset after a storm in the northern plains of the panhandle of Texas.  The next photo is a different night but a spectacular sunset (in my opinion) while we were at the Adventure Zipline Park above Palo Duro Canyon. Photos taken by my husband, Thomas E. Dye God's ever-changing creation never ceases to amaze and … Continue reading Sunsets Over The Plains

The Consequences of Sin

2 Samuel 11:26-12:19. This passage is too lengthy to copy here so I'll highlight the events. First, God sent Nathan the prophet to speak to David. At God's direction he told David a story about a rich man who had large herds of sheep and cattle, yet stole the only sheep his poor neighbor had, … Continue reading The Consequences of Sin

Big Sin or Little Sin?

The church we attend when we're in Jackson, TN is having revival services this week. This post is part of the message we heard tonight. I heard things that have never been brought out to me before. I share them now in the hopes that Christians will begin to take sin (even the "little" ones) … Continue reading Big Sin or Little Sin?