Being Offended

"I'm offended." "Well I'm offended that you're offended." Why are we choosing to be offended? When I was growing up there was a saying about wearing your feelings on your shirt sleeves. People who were open about their feelings, "letting all hang out" in hippie lingo, was considered immature. Yet today, our entire culture seems … Continue reading Being Offended

10 More Rules For A Happy Marriage

There are so many things that are necessary to build a strong relationship.  Each one is vital if the relationship is to stand the test of time and troubles.  And troubles will come, whether through illness, death of a child or parent, becoming a full-time caregiver to a family member, etc.  If the relationship isn’t … Continue reading 10 More Rules For A Happy Marriage

When The Embers Die

I was watching Dateline Sunday night when we got home from church.   A man had been accused of killing his wife.   They were a Christian family, attending church faithfully, the children involved in youth activities, their mother in ladies' Bible study groups.   The couple had been married for about twenty years.  The oldest child was in high … Continue reading When The Embers Die