FaceBook Woes

I am tired. I am weepy. I have less storage space in my motorhome than what was available in the travel trailer. Haven’t had time or energy to do any real writing in weeks. And now. . .someone wants to steal my friends and family on FB. It was reported that someone was trying to impersonate me and FB shut down that account, but apparently that person or someone else has opened up another one, sending friend requests to everyone on my list. I guess I need to just get off of social media. So much for my writer’s platform. I don’t know if I should cancel my blog as well.

I am thankful for the friends I have made from blogging. There so many sweet people out there. It only takes one to create havoc and wipe out a writer’s dream, and take away the ability to see photos of your friends and loved ones who don’t live close by.

I’ll give this one more week, and if there is no solution to this, then I will remain in the background and will just stick with writing alone.

Serial Killer II–Writing 101

I lost my mother in 1994. She had had a massive heart attack and three subsequent strokes. Telling her it was okay to let go if that was what was best for her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. My husband and I had planned to re-decorate our son’s old room and make it nice for my mom. I would take care of her. That was the plan after the first stroke. But God had other plans.

My mother and I had not been close for years. Her temper and my lack of understanding kept us off balance with each other. But after my dad died in 1991, my mom began to mellow out. She wasn’t stressed anymore with the care of my dad and trying to keep a job too. She was more relaxed. She missed him, and often cried herself to sleep at night. My family would go to Mom’s house every Friday evening for root beer floats and old movies on TV. I found peace with my mother at last.

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