What Is Love?

We use the word “love” for everything.  We love animals.  We love pizza and ice cream.  We love coffee or tea, etc.  So what do we really mean when we use this word?  The song lyrics equate love with sex.  They are not the same thing. Love is the most over-used word in the English … Continue reading What Is Love?

Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 3

Books Many of you do not know what your kids are reading. You have not checked. You have no idea, so I will have to tell you. I'm going to open a few of the books. I will not say the bad words. I'll just spell them. Kay's note: I won't spell them; I'll just … Continue reading Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 3

Meet the Bashams: Missionaries to Thailand

They are in Thailand right now, but also still attending language school. This is a copy of their February newsletter. This is the link to their website: http://projectthailand.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a3f38c1d07913eed70e8eecad&id=6a527a755e&e=5b659bc87b Well, I got invited to preach again, so I guess that is a good sign that they at least understood some of my Thai, right? I just … Continue reading Meet the Bashams: Missionaries to Thailand