Six Years: From Teacher to Novelist, From Querying to the Year After Debut

Kate Brauning is an author I think I would enjoy meeting and getting to know. I’m sharing her newsletter here because I want to support a YA/fanstasy author that may resonate with readers of those genres, and because I like her “talking one-on-one-with-you” style.

Kate Brauning

This week marks a big change for me. Not a change most of you will see, but it is one that changes my life.

For the last six years, I’ve felt like I’ve been living in a revolving door, only gradually moving forward, but mostly moving in circles.

This is what my life looked like six years ago, in 2010: I started teaching at an online school- 7th through 12th grade English and communication, teaching over webinar and the phone. Ready to answer questions on everything from proper form during a speech to poetic meter, from explaining the themes of the created monster in Beowulf and Frankenstein to plural possessives. This ended a six-month unemployment streak for both me and my husband. I’d just graduated college six months ago, was in my first year of marriage, was trying and failing to find time to exercise, and was loving helping my…

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