Tribute to Childhood and Overcoming

By Aleta Kay ©March 6, 2019 by author All rights reserved           Herman and I were nine years apart, so we didn’t do much growing up together.  I do remember him as cute, precocious, funny, and mischievous when he was little.  Mostly I remember feeling very responsible for him, as a … Continue reading Tribute to Childhood and Overcoming

Calling All Teachers

If you love kids, and you should if you are in the teaching profession, this is an article that may prove quite helpful to you when dealing with young boys. Written by a teacher and athletic coach, this post is filled with statistics and data regarding the mental/psychological differences between left-brained and right-brained male students … Continue reading Calling All Teachers

Sounding the Alarm Part 2

It is unfortunate that in our society today, it takes at least two incomes to support a family. That means absentee parents, and children who are left in the care of an older sibling or just to themselves. Often we cannot afford to pay someone to care for our children while they are alone and … Continue reading Sounding the Alarm Part 2

Christian Clothing

Today is promotion day. I'm too busy with grandkids, getting ready to teach VBS in a couple of weeks, preparing SS lessons, and getting our motorhome ready to roll on Aug. 1 to write a real blog post right now. So I'm helping some friends promote their businesses. Hope that's okay because these are businesses … Continue reading Christian Clothing