What is a Christian?

We live in such a diverse society, where our public education system has been "dumbed down" because we don't want anyone to feel bad. Yet we have elevated intelligence above truth and right. Scripture (the Authorized King James Bible, written centuries ago) says a lot about our society today. Imagine that! There is a book … Continue reading What is a Christian?

Why I Choose the King James Bible

Some time ago I posted some discrepancies between the King James and some of our modern translations. I will not bore my readers with the formidable number of differences. Instead I will re-cite the admonitions of God given in four different places of scripture (most of which are repeated in the newer translations) not to … Continue reading Why I Choose the King James Bible

Does It Matter Which Bible I Use?

This is a post I have been meaning to do for a long time. Due to my broken foot, and just recently getting back to feeling like doing something other than email and reading, I am finally getting around to it. My intention for this post is not to cram anything down anyone's throat. It … Continue reading Does It Matter Which Bible I Use?

The Debates: My Opinion

It's not that my opnion is any more important than anyone else's. It's just that there seems to be a complete lack of Biblical perspective among people professing Christianity. Frankly, I'm not happy with our choices this year. In order to not get myself into any kind of legal trouble I will refrain from stating … Continue reading The Debates: My Opinion