10 Steps to a Happy Marriage

At the nine-year mark in our marriage, we hit a bit crisis.  Tom wasn't speaking to me and I had no idea what was wrong.  A good Christian counselor by the name of Dave Peterson helped me come up with these 10 Steps to a Happy Marriage.  They did not come about, however, until a … Continue reading 10 Steps to a Happy Marriage

Do You Have An Irma?

I woke up this morning, as with most mornings, with God's praises on my tongue. I thought back to my pre-Christian life and followed that through to the present. There are two forces at work in everyone's life. God has a plan for you, and so does the enemy, Satan, the devil, the one who … Continue reading Do You Have An Irma?

When Prayers Get Answered

We all have situations and family members that we are concerned about and pray for. Sometimes, though, prayer gets put on a back shelf as life's demands encroach upon our time with God. So I have been praying a lot lately that God would help me get back to being the prayer warrior I used … Continue reading When Prayers Get Answered

Movie Review: War Room

I have seen this movie twice. When it is available on DVD I will purchase a copy. It is the best movie on the power of prayer I have ever seen. The movie brings out several points: 1) You can go to church and still not really know how to do battle in prayer. 2) … Continue reading Movie Review: War Room