Readers of Historical Fiction…

Hi, everyone.  Thank you for joining me today.  As you know, I don't often try to draw attention to myself, but today is an exception. I need the help of my friends and fans.  I just posted the last chapter of Frienemies on Chapter Buzz, where writers can post their works in progress and get feedback.  But … Continue reading Readers of Historical Fiction…

A Room Full of Friends

A Room Full of Friends By Aleta Kay © July 28, 2015 Rory looked around his antique shop. He nodded to his customers, smiling as they meandered, checking the prices on the roll-top desks, secretaries, rocking chairs, and old lamps. He was proud of his lighting, the candles creating the ambience of a bygone era. … Continue reading A Room Full of Friends

I’m Thankful For. . .#9

I'm only 62, but some days my body parts moan and complain, and cause me a lot of pain. I'm too young to have so many problems, and I know it's my own fault. Although I used to play outside a lot as a kid, go bike riding, climb trees, have races in my yard, … Continue reading I’m Thankful For. . .#9

Oh, No! I’ve Lost My Face

There are a lot of things I appreciate about Facebook. I have been able to reconnect with childhood friends and classmates, keep in touch with friends and family that are far away, keep up with family events, etc. I've had my account with Facebook for a few years now. But. . .sometimes they lose my … Continue reading Oh, No! I’ve Lost My Face

Just Free-Writing

Due to time constraints and other obligations that got in the way, I don't have a specific topic today. so I'm just going to write anyway. There may be many good things to say The enjoyment of bird song Rabbits in the yard A cat's purr and sunshine To light my way The best thing … Continue reading Just Free-Writing