Looking For a Christian Literary Agent

My novel, Mending Fences, is availabe as an ebook on Amazon. It was published in Kindle format by Amazon. It was enrolled in the KDP program but I removed it because I hope to eventually be able to make it available on other sites as well. Mending Fences is the fictional story of Robert McGinn … Continue reading Looking For a Christian Literary Agent

Oh, No! I’ve Lost My Face

There are a lot of things I appreciate about Facebook. I have been able to reconnect with childhood friends and classmates, keep in touch with friends and family that are far away, keep up with family events, etc. I've had my account with Facebook for a few years now. But. . .sometimes they lose my … Continue reading Oh, No! I’ve Lost My Face

Just Free-Writing

Due to time constraints and other obligations that got in the way, I don't have a specific topic today. so I'm just going to write anyway. There may be many good things to say The enjoyment of bird song Rabbits in the yard A cat's purr and sunshine To light my way The best thing … Continue reading Just Free-Writing

Work: That Four-Letter Word

Dear Work, I used to like you, but you became unbearable. Your demands became too great and nothing was ever good enough. I was thankful to have a job, and I really liked what I was doing. But I've had enough. I'm quitting. I have another job lined up that will not be near as … Continue reading Work: That Four-Letter Word