Excerpt from “Frienemies” Chapter Twenty-Five

Fawn was shaking and sobbing. Where were the gods of her ancestors who were supposed to protect her? She had taken her fetish with her. Maybe she should have left it home so it would have done its job. Where was Nana’s white God? If he was so powerful, why did he let this happen? … Continue reading Excerpt from “Frienemies” Chapter Twenty-Five


Rage, Anger, Negativity Every fiber of my being is consumed with the compulsion to strike. My innermost being feels twisted in knots. My thoughts are only negative continually. I see her eyes boring into my soul as she deliberately, with cold calculation presses each button in rapid succession until her lips smirk in cruel satisfaction … Continue reading Emotion

Today is not a good day

Bitterness By Aleta Kay Bitterness is a bitter root that twists and coils within; It eats at the heart and destroys the soul; It mars and scars its owners face until— The emotions have no place to hide; They are forced to abruptly erupt on the skin. The symptoms are sly and hide for a … Continue reading Today is not a good day

To Vent or Not to Vent

Yesterday I copied an article about how repressed anger affects women. The article seemed to advocate just letting it out; don't worry about the casualties. I understand that we need to express our feelings, but there is a right and a wrong way to do that. How many of us like to be yelled at? … Continue reading To Vent or Not to Vent

Suppressed Anger Could Be Fatal

Copied from a newspaper article several years ago, provided by the Associated Press. Women who hold in their anger may think they are acting polite, but they are also risking their lives, a University of Michigan researcher said Monday. Mara Julius, a researcher at the university's School of Public Health, presented her findings over the … Continue reading Suppressed Anger Could Be Fatal