What is a Christian?

We live in such a diverse society, where our public education system has been "dumbed down" because we don't want anyone to feel bad. Yet we have elevated intelligence above truth and right. Scripture (the Authorized King James Bible, written centuries ago) says a lot about our society today. Imagine that! There is a book … Continue reading What is a Christian?

Religious or Christian?

I'll be honest. I have not looked up the definitions to these terms. These are my opinions. I hope they will bring clarification to those who think everyone who goes to church is religious. Religious: Someone who has a belief in God, may or may not go to church, and who claims affiliation with one … Continue reading Religious or Christian?

Movie Review: War Room

I have seen this movie twice. When it is available on DVD I will purchase a copy. It is the best movie on the power of prayer I have ever seen. The movie brings out several points: 1) You can go to church and still not really know how to do battle in prayer. 2) … Continue reading Movie Review: War Room

Satan’s Bid For Your Child–Final Chapter

NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN: SENSITIVITY TRAINING CONTINUED In 1946 Dr. Leland Bradford, an executive of the National Education Association, and a number of social psychologists worked with Kurt Lewin, a pioneer behavioral scientist, researching how science could change a man's behavior. They surveyed the work of numbers of behaviorists and sought out new methods of … Continue reading Satan’s Bid For Your Child–Final Chapter

Hooray! It’s A New Year!

For the first time in years, husband and I saw the new year come in. Usually we just go to bed. The new day will dawn with or without us. But this year our church did something unusual. First we sang, went through the prayer list and had prayer, then listened to preaching for about … Continue reading Hooray! It’s A New Year!

Young People Flocking to Isis

Why are so many young women being lured into the Isis movement? I don't remember the name of the man who claims to be the leader of this radical group, but I do remember him making a comment that the goal of an Isis State is to expand to worldwide dominance, to rid the world … Continue reading Young People Flocking to Isis