I Was Interviewed

This is late, but I didn’t know how to announce it. I had to read someone else’s announcement of a forthcoming interview to see how I should have done it. So…….in case you didn’t see it, Brittney Sahin posted an interview with me on the 14th. Here’s the link:

Featured Author: Aleta Kay

Brittney Sahin is a romance author and author promoter. There are currently four books with their authors being promoted on her site. Maybe you would like her site too.

More interviews will be coming up soon. I’ll keep you posted.


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The Business of Being an Author

Check out Joanna Penn’s website and video. You’ll be glad you did if you’re interested in being a successful author.

If you want to make a living as an author, check out Joanna Penn’s video:https://youtu.be/e1tggrt1u3A and website:  http://www.thecreativepenn.com/make-a-living/

Joanna’s webpage also offers a free download (PDF file) of the transcript of the video/author interview. She lays out some basic principles that, when applied, may lead to success. She has authored several books, both fiction and non-fiction.