Announcement about my new book!

Ann Barnes is an up-and-coming Christian novelist who knows how to paint mind pictures with words. Check out her announcement of her new book, “Inner Vision”. Reblogged from

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Hello everyone, today I am proud to announce the release of my brand new Electric Eclectic Book entitled Inner Vision, an Electric Eclectic Book.


If you think you don’t have time to read, think again! This is one of many charming little books that you can read on your kindle, or the kindle app on your phone, no matter whether you have five minutes, or five hours to yourself. Here’s a bit about the book, and I’ll follow this blurb with a link where the book can be purchased, and I’ll even throw in the cover for your viewing pleasure!

Happy reading and writing, and have a Blessed Friday afternoon everybody.


“The past is but a whirlwind of memories,

there are those you want to capture,

and those you want to forget.

Hold on to the precious ones and let the rest spin away into the…

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Guest Post By Applying To Write For Us Pages The Right Way – by Derek Haines…

Great information on guest posting etiquette. If I thought I knew enough about anything, I might try it. Don’t think I’m tech savvy enough to have guest posts on my blog. Reblogged from

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on Just Publishing Advice:

Guest posting or guest blogging has a lot of significant advantages.

You will get a backlink or two from your byline or author bio to improve your SEO. You also have the opportunity to reach a new and broader audience.

If your guest article is accepted and published by a high ranking site, you can expect an increase in your online traffic and perhaps even new subscribers.

There is also the advantage of making contact with influencers in your market niche.

Guest blogging can create a lot of opportunities to help your marketing strategy and linking building.

Content marketing is becoming more popular due to the recent problems with social media content delivery; especially on Facebook.

With many users reducing or even abandoning their activity on social networks, digital marketing is going back to earning organic traffic from Google search as the best means of reaching an audience.


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Create Believable “Troubled” Characters by Studying Personality Disorders – by Anne R. Allen…

This post was partially blogged on I clicked on the “read more” button and read the rest of it on Anne’s blog. If you need help developing your characters, this is a great tool to keep handy. Reblogged from

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Personality disorders can create a distorted self-image.

Most of the truly rotten villains in fiction are what used to be called “psychopaths.” (Now clinically known as people with ASPD: Anti-Social Personality Disorder.) These are people who have no conscience and no empathy.

But psychopaths can make boring fiction. Psychopathic villains have pretty uncomplicated motives. They’re usually sexually twisted sadists or conscience-free monsters who do evil things because they’re, well…evil.

And not all people with ASPD need to be villains. Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of Sherlock Holmes has the ASPD detachment from normal human emotions like guilt and empathy. Plenty of people with the disorder lead normal, non-criminal lives. Even a conscience-free person needs a reason to commit a crime.

But you can create more interesting antagonists if you give them more relatable personality disorders.

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House At Pooh Corner

Love this post. Winnie the Pooh was my favorite story series to read to my kids, and my favorite cartoon to watch on TV. I think it was the inspiration for another cartoon called Kissy Fur, but that one only lasted one season and it went off the air. It’s a shame we have lost all of that innocence in TV today. Reblogged from

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Who cannot love both Kenny Loggins and Winnie The Pooh?  When you combine the two, you have … sheer magic!  pooh-1From Wikipedia …

kenny-loggins“House at Pooh Corner” is a song written by Kenny Loggins, based on the popular children’s book of the same name. The song was first performed by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on their 1970 album Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy and then performed by Loggins and Messina on their 1971 album Sittin’ In. It is told from the perspective of both Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin, and serves as an allegory for loss of innocence and nostalgia for childhood. It has since become one of Loggins’ most popular and beloved compositions, and it remains a staple of his live performances.”

House At Pooh Corner
Loggins and Messina
Christopher Robin and I walked along
Under branches lit up by the moon.
Posing our questions to owl and…

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A Horse With No Name

I love the music to this song, and the lyrics have always intrigued me, wondering what it meant. It has great imagery. Reblogged from

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The folk/rock group America originally consisted of three members: Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek.  They were all U.S. Air Force brats whose fathers were stationed in the UK.  A Horse With No Name, went on to top the American singles chart for three weeks in early 1972 and reached No.3 in the UK.  I like the song, and can actually remember most of the lyrics, but I have one question:  why didn’t the dude give the horse a name???

A Horse with No Name

On the first part of the journey
I was looking at all the life
There were plants and birds and rocks and things
There was sand and hills and rings
The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz
And the sky with no clouds
The heat was hot and the ground was dry
But the air was full of…

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Infographic: 44 words and phrases that are killing your message – by Brendan Gannon…

If you have trouble finding the right words to say, or to write, or if people tell you that you use too many words in your writing, this infographic may help. Reblogged from

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on PR Daily site:

For good writing, less is often more.

Disposable comments and trivial remarks make reading more difficult for your audience and muddy the meaning of your message—and your job is to make less work for the reader, not more.

If the meaning is clear without the word or phrase, ditch it. Also, labelling something as “amazing,” “awesome” or “great” often triggers the reader to think that it is anything but.

Continue reading and see the FULL Infographic HERE

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IMPORTANT- Sharing Options from to Facebook Are Changing – by Mark Armstrong (WordPress)

An important announcement here. Still not sure if I am going to be limited but will have my son, who manages my web page which is connected to my blog, check it out for me. Reblogged from

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Starting August 1, Facebook will no longer allow third-party tools to automatically post to Profiles.

Here’s how it affects you.

We wanted to update you about an upcoming change Facebook is introducing to their platform, and which affects how you may share posts from your website to your Facebook account.

Starting August 1, 2018, third-party tools can no longer share posts automatically to Facebook Profiles.

This includesPublicize, the tool for andJetpackpowered sites that connects your site to major social media platforms (like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook).

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My New Book Has Finally Arrived!

Although I don’t read much science fantasy, this series sounds intriguing so I may try to read it online. Chcck out Allison’s website. It’s appealing to the eye. Reblogged from

Allison D. Reid

visions of light and shadow

You’ve been waiting patiently, and now it’s here–book 3 of the Wind Rider Chronicles!
Get a discounted price by buying direct   |   Amazon  |   BN   |  Kobo   |  Other  

It has been six months since Cailean’s death, and Elowyn can’t get his special clifftop in the mountains out of her thoughts…or her dreams. Something is drawing her there, despite the danger, and time is running out. The new spring growth is threatening to cover what’s left of his foot trail forever, but getting there is going to be more challenging than she imagined, especially with the thieves still lurking along the mining road.

Morganne is having difficulties of her own. The monks are making plans to send the tomes away, Braeden’s tax demands are increasing yet again, and Morganne’s once prosperous shop has been noticeably empty. On top…

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Choose Your Free Book Writing Software For Your New Book – by Derek Haines…

Chris, thank you for sharing this valuable post. I went to the original source and shared on my social media, but felt it worthwhile to also reblog from here. You share so many great tips for us. You are greatly appreciated. Reblogged from

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on Just Publishing Advice:

Book writing software to help you be more creative and productive

Many new writers and authors start out using a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. But word processors are not designed to help the creative writing process.

Word processing, spreadsheets and a desktop publisher are for commerce and administration and are not the best tools at all for creative thinkers.

When you decide to write a book, you would be much better advised to look for writing software that is more distraction-free and explicitly designed for writing a book.

There are a lot of software packages available for writers. However, some such as Scrivener, Ulysses, Vellum, ProWritingAid and even Word can cost you a lot of money.

If you are starting out, there are many free software alternatives that you can try. There is always a learning curve when you start using new software programs.

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