Them Old Cotton Fields Back Home

Well, we are home everywhere we go since we take our home with us.

Yesterday we took an excursion into Memphis to see some sights. We got up late due to not being able to sleep well the night before. By the time we got there and found the downtown welcome center it was almost noon. We had stopped at the travel center earlier and picked up some brochures of local interests. One of them had a rather extensive list of things to do, places to see, and restaurants. Maps were at the back of the brochure showing the trolley routes.

Due to a late start and taking the time to decide what we wanted to see first, which trolley to catch, and what direction it was going, we didn’t get to the Cotton Museum until 2:00.

We took the tour and learned a lot. Tourists are allowed to take pictures, which is nice. We didn’t get to the upper floor but were told it has been preserved in its original 1930’s appearance. The upper floor was the cotton exchange. The history is rich and vibrant, with many displays of the various uses of cotton. Did you know that our currency is made from cotton fiber? Some of our paper is made from cotton.

It was interesting to see and feel the trough with the recycled denim being used for household insulation. It is better for the environment and much gentler to handle than its fiberglass counterpart.

Mannequins displaying various types of clothing made from cotton adorned one display case. Some of the clothing was vintage 1930’s. One was a military uniform. Other display cases housed artifacts used in bygone eras which were used to produce and weave cotton.

There were four computer stations with headsets included to watch and hear video presentations on the subject.

Upon entry into the first section of the museum a large LCD screen may be turned on to enable hearing the history of the Memphis area and the impact the cotton trade had on its growth and development. The video highlighted the types of people involved in the industry and their impact on society.

The second room had displays showing the progress in harvesting the cotton, the modern weaving processes, and a couple of games to test your knowledge.

Tomorrow’s post will highlight the downtown area.

The Debates: My Opinion

It’s not that my opnion is any more important than anyone else’s. It’s just that there seems to be a complete lack of Biblical perspective among people professing Christianity. Frankly, I’m not happy with our choices this year.

In order to not get myself into any kind of legal trouble I will refrain from stating the reasons I totally distrust Hillary Clinton. However, from a Biblical perspective, no woman has any business running this country. I Tim. 2:12-14 says a woman is not to have leadership over a man–not because she isn’t qualified but because of what happened all the way back in the garden of Eden. Sound unfair? Maybe so, but God has a right to make the rules. He created us and He is perfect, never wrong. Eve was tricked by the serpent, by her own logic. She was deceived–by her own logic. Having a logical mind doesn’t make you right. Hillary Clinton has a brilliant mind. She is highly intelligent, well-spoken, and tough as spikes in a horseshoe. That doesn’t make her the best choice for president. And I absolutely refuse to vote for anyone just because of their gender.

Donald Trump is a loudmouth, a hothead, and may very well alienate all of our allies if he gets in office. He also wants to give himself and all of his wealthy business associates a big tax break. I like some of his ideas: put a stop to the core curriculum that gives poor students no incentive to try to improve, bring industry back to the U.S., make our military strong again, etc. But his demeanor scares me and it greatly disturbs me that he calls himself a Christian but has a potty mouth and a surly attitude.

Bottom line: I wish some of the other men who were running for president had gotten the nomination, even though, I like many others, am fed up with the status quo. I don’t have the answers, except it’s time for God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians to put into practice 2 Chronicles 7:14. We need to spend more time on our knees in prayer, seeking God’s direction in our decisions and we need to be busy about God’s business instead of sitting back in fear of retribution if we actually take a stand for something.

All scripture references are from the King James Bible, the only one not tampered with by liberal theologians who have changed the truth of God’s word into a lie.



Liquid Sculptures Cast in Resin Glass

The imagination of artists never ceases to fascinate me. I have a brother-in-law who has made some great sculptures but none as delicate and alluring as these. His were in wood and metal. These are like liquid crystal. re-blogged from Forgot to add the link on previous post of photos from this site.


Italian artist Annaluigia Boeretto (aka Annalù) imagines a world filled with liquid, where the pages of books or the petals of flowers seem to splash in every direction.

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Stunning Adventure Photography

Stunning photography, some aerial. Must admit, though, some of these folks seem extremely gutsy to me. No way I’m going out on a point hundreds or thousands of feet above a canyon or chasm. Still, makes great photos.


Matt Cherubino is a talented 19-year-old self taught photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Matt uses Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera, he shoots a lot of lifestyle, adventure and travel photography.

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And The Winners Are:

A big hearty thank you to all who entered the giveway for Mending Fences. I am humbled by your quick response. I never expected the offer to end so quickly. Here is the list of winners:

Claudia Peterson, Amanda Blymire, Nicole, Cherie Johnson, Torrance Lester, Beverly, Dena, Kathleen E. Gibbs, and Jennifer.

When you have read the book, please be so kind as to leave a review on Amazon. I am thinking of starting a newsletter but not sure how many people would be interested in signing up. If you’d like to receive a monthly newsletter about my writing, cooking, and travels, please let me know. I’ll start one even if only two or three people are interested. You can let me know here in the comments or email me with blog or newsletter in the subject line.

For those of you who did not win, please don’t give up. I’m leaving the price at $0.99 for now. I may have another giveaway near Christmas. In the meantime, although it isn’t much, I’d like to offer a small collection of my favorite recipes. I love to cook and bake and we have many family favorites. There are a couple of casseroles that my family loves, a couple of salads, pumpkin bread, some meat dishes, and a couple of desserts. Some are healthy, some not so much. If you have a particular type of recipe you’d like, let me know. If I have one for that type of food, I will include it. Just leave me your email address in the comments, or email it to me at Put recipes in the subject line or giveway and I will be happy to respond.

Blessings to all of you.

Sincerely and with many thanks,

Aleta Kay


The Giveaway Is Here!

Just got word from Amazon that my giveaway has gone live. I am so excited! Time now is 8:50 p.m. Central Time and I’m giving away 10 copies of my novel, Mending Fences. Entrants must be citizens of the U.S. or D.C. (I think that means the Continental U.S., not sure). Giveaway ends Oct. 22. If you read the book please leave a review on the Amazon page where the book is listed. If you didn’t like it, please let me know how I could have made it better. Every writer is always looking for ways to improve his/her craft.

Thank you in advance for your participation. I value each person who reads my blog, tweets, and/or interacts with me. It is your time and you chose to give me a piece of it. It is valuable. I appreciate it.

Here’s the link for the giveaway. Hope you win!

See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Mending Fences (Kindle Edition). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Oct 22, 2016 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules

Giveaway Summary:
Title: Mending Fences by Aleta Kay
Entry Message: Welcome to my Twitter world. It usually streams from My quirkiness shows up here. Only entrants from U.S. & D.C. are eligible to win.
Duration: Sep 22, 2016 6:18 PM PDT – Oct 22, 2016 11:59 PM PDT
Prize: Mending Fences (Kindle Edition)
Number of Prizes: 10

Your Opinion Matters

I am planning to have my novel Mending Fences published by Amazon in print form. I really don’t like the cover it has now. It is a free stock photo cover from Amazon. I’m considering going back to the original cover. However, I’d like it to look more like a photograph than the drawing it is.

Please give me your opinions or suggestions. I am open to new ideas. I am also planning a giveaway of the book. I will have my manager (husband) look at the options for the giveaway this evening and post more details about that in the next post.

Which do you like better: the one shown at the top of this page (the current one), or the one pictured below? Or do you have another suggestion? (Finances are an issue)


All who answer with an opnion or suggestion your choice of a) a copy of my favorite meatloaf recipe, b) a copy of my favorite dessert recipe, or c) a free, hand-crafted bookmark.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and participating. Have a spectacular day!



The Ark Encounter

My husband and I had to be in Dry Ridge, Kentucky for a wedding last week. It’s a small rural town near Williamstown, the location of the built-to-scale replica of Noah’s Ark. Our hotel (America’s Best Value, nice for the price) was five miles from the Ark Encounter. Being that close we had to see it. Words are inadequate to describe it so I’ll just post some of the pictures. Tell me what you think. By the way, as seniors, we got in for $31/each plus $10 for parking. There are shuttle buses to take you from the parking lot to the ark. They have many other amenities, which may not be active yet. It hasn’t been opened long, but there are zip lines, petting zoo, restaurant, and gift shop. The ark has a basement floor with bathrooms, gift shop, restrooms (on every floor), and spectacular craftsmanship. There are three floors above that one. There are also lots of benches scattered around on each floor for resting.

There are interactive displays on the second and third floors. It is a must-see-to-comprehend experience.

I was told by one of the employees there that I could post all of the pictures I wanted. How cool is that? (I know, it’s good publicity for them. Still, quite cool. All photos were taken by my husband). All walkways are sloped and smooth wood for wheelchair accessibility. Buses also can accommodate wheelchairs, electric carts.

Length about 4 football fields

Noah’s Ark Replica in Williamstown, KY. Photo by Tom Dye




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Beautiful Travel Landscapes

What a great sampling of the splendor of the German Alps! Doesn’t it just make you want to spend a summer at each location pictured here? Wish I could have them all as screen savers. It reminds me of the week I spent on a ladies’ retreat in Bertchestgaden back in 1978. It was the experience of a lifetime that will be forever treasured. Re-blogged from


Niko Brinkmann aka patheight is a talented self-taught photographer based in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Niko uses Canon 6D camera, he shoots a lot of adventure, lifestyle, nature and portrait photography.

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New crochet project

A beautiful shawl, crocheted by the hand of SusieShy. You can read about how she did it on her blog:


The holidays are here and I thought it was a long time since I had done anything remotely crochet. I was going to crochet something.

Girlybunches had just this morning posted her new video on how to crochet the virus shawl as she called it. It looked lovely, from what I could see of it.

So I started crocheting with her watching her on youtube. As usual, I didn’t have enough yarn of one colour, so decided to use as many colours as I could and use up those bits of yarn and those bundles for which I could never find good use for.

A few rows later, I came to find out that Olivia from Girlybunches had only posted the patter for the first 11 or so rows. And she had posted a link to the written pattern which looked like a complicated mathematical design to me.

A net…

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