None of us wants to be rejected.  We all want to be acknowledged.  We want to be treated fairly.  We want justice.  We get offended when we are rebuffed, criticized, or been mistreated in any way.  But who determines what is fair and just? Is it just to reject God because we don’t understand why … Continue reading Rejection

From Negative to Positive

If you want a daily dose of negativity just watch the national news, regardless of outlet.  We see killings, rioting, rising Corona statistics, and on and on.  Where does it end? How do you turn it off, get away from it? How do you keep from letting it all get you down? I’m glad you … Continue reading From Negative to Positive

Frustration and Racial Tension

As if the pandemic wasn’t enough to deal with, now we have escalating racial tensions, which have been bubbling under the surface for years, if not decades. What is the correct response to all of this? The answer is simple but hard to put into practice for most people.  The answer is prayer.  Things to … Continue reading Frustration and Racial Tension

Where is Peace?

Where can we find peace? These are turbulent times.  While many people are doing fine, or seem to be, many others are worried, depressed, with no hope and no peace.  They are frustrated, afraid, and confused. Take courage, my friend.  I do not have a crystal ball (where are all the fortune tellers now who … Continue reading Where is Peace?

Fear, Worry, Frustration

Fear:  Will things ever get back to normal again? How will the bills get paid while I’m out of work? How will I feed my family? What if this virus just keeps coming, wave after wave? Why do the symptoms of this virus keep multiplying? Does anyone really know what to expect? What if someone … Continue reading Fear, Worry, Frustration