Sounding the Alarm Part 2

It is unfortunate that in our society today, it takes at least two incomes to support a family. That means absentee parents, and children who are left in the care of an older sibling or just to themselves. Often we cannot afford to pay someone to care for our children while they are alone and … Continue reading Sounding the Alarm Part 2

My Testimony Part 2

My husband did come back, but he was different, demanding. He wanted to be with me, but he had his own issues, which are his to tell, not mine. We went to live with his parents again and he joined the army. Things were not as they used to be but we were happy--sort of. … Continue reading My Testimony Part 2

How To Raise A Criminal

First, make sure the child hears you complain about how tied down you feel, how having a child has ruined your life. You can't go out with friends and have fun anymore. Second, criticize the child at every opportunity. Verbal abuse is very effective. Third, let him (or her) have to fend for himself at … Continue reading How To Raise A Criminal