Author Scams

Beware of Listopia, Indie Writers Support#Author Scams

There is no option for re-blog on this site, but Joan Stewart  of The Publicity Hound has weekly, sometimes daily advice for authors and business entrepreneurs. If you are an author and don’t want to end up getting caught in a publicity scam, please click on the link and read this article. Protect yourself from would-be promoters.

Please do your homework. Don’t get caught in the fish hooks these scammers create, pretending to be associated with Indie Books/Authors when they are not. Find out all you can before signing on with anyone.

8 thoughts on “Author Scams

    1. Sorry this reply is so late. Thank you for visiting my blog. I may, at times, be one of those naïve people. I’m not tech savvy so I try to keep my antennae up.


    1. You’re welcome. Wish I had more time to read more posts, write my own blogs, work on my WIP, and respond to others. So much helpful information out there. Thanks for reading/visiting.

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  1. I read the article and found it useful, although for some reason I couldn’t seem to leave a comment on it. The advice to “do your homework” is key, I think. There are a lot of nasty tricksters out there.


    1. Thanks for responding. I don’t know why sometimes a site will allow us to leave comments, other times not, unless the criteria is whether or not you are following the person to whom you are responding. Happens to me sometimes, too.

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