The Woes of Ditzy Traveler: Part 1

Hi. My name is Ditzy (well, actually it’s my nickname) and I like to travel. I live in Jacksonville, Florida where the sun shines most of the time. Honey, California’s got nothing on us. My best friend, Lucy likes to travel, too, so we often take trips together. That’s us in that old, beat-up Airstream travel trailer. We’re just two old dingbats filling up life with adventure.

 We left on Friday morning, early. We like to get going before the traffic gets bad. Jacksonville during rush hour (right—rushing to the interstate parking lot on their way to work) is like trying to roll boulders up hill. Lucy comes over at two a.m. and we have coffee together. We stock the trailer the night before and leave my house around three a.m. If we hit it right, we’re out of Jacksonville by four-thirty. We’re old and we drive slow, especially with two tons pushing us. This trip we’re heading to Mount Rushmore. I think that’s in South Dakota. That’s North, right? Oh, don’t worry. Lucy has a map, or that GPS thingy. She does the navigating when I’m driving. When I get tired we pull into a rest area or gas station and switch. Then I take a nap while she drives. She wakes me up if we get lost.

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