HOW TO Indent in your blog posts.

Thank you, Ronovan. I have often lamented not being able to indent in WP. If I had thought about it, though, it makes sense. Just add spaces. Oh, yeah! Re: Amber Wake: I have been reading it aloud to my husband. We are on ch. 5 and really enjoying the book. When finished I will post a review on my WP site and on Amazon.


As some of you may have noticed, I have begun a new feature here on RW called Ask Ronovan. You can ask anything. Normally I wait a couple of weeks and put out the answers on a Sunday with the next Ask Ronovan post. However, a question was asked I believe needs answering now. Do you wonder how to indent in your blogs?

Here is the request:

Name or Identifying Name (Think something like “What’s Cooking in Columbia”.): Ann V. Friend

Website (Not required.):

Your Question for Ronovan: Hi Ronovan

Can you point me in the write direction for html code to align my acrostic poem below?

Can’t align in WordPress.

I’m not including the poem here but I’ll create one that will do much the same.

we go to Look at the view
because beauty is sO rare and few
i haVe never giVen…

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