Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 2

Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 2

(first part posted directly from publication)


“The first part of the yippie program, you know, is to kill your parents. And I mean that quite seriously, because until you’re prepared to kill your parents you’re not really prepared to change the country, because our parents are our first oppressors.”

That statement was made by Jerry Rubin, one of the notorious Chicago Seven. He said it on the campus of Kent State University only one week before the rioting which culminated in the death of four students. Our socialist-minded professors and teachers, with their leftist-slanted textbooks have dedicated themselves to changing the American way of life through indoctrinating the minds of students.

In 1932 George S. Counts wrote the booklet, “Dare the School Build a New Social Order?” In 1933 Dr. Harold Rugg wrote THE GREAT TECHNOOGY, a book in which he declares that,  “through the schools of the world we shall disseminate a new conception of government.” Kay’s note: It seems we DO have a new concept of government—one that is by the government, for the government, moving toward socialism and amoralism. The sad thing is, we as Christians (the church, the body of Christ) vote for the same agendas and socialist politicians as do the unbelievers. It is our fault, church, that our country is in this mess, because we compromise with the world system and accept whatever it dishes out. Woe to us! my brothers and sisters.

As far back as 1932, the socialists, communists, and leftists dedicated themselves to bring about a new social order in America. What tool would they use? The schools!

Louis Budenz, former editor of The Daily Worker, who defected from communism in 1945, mentioned the early days of this communistic effort in his book THE TECHNIQUES OF COMMUNISM. In part he wrote, “As early as 1924, in lectures delivered at the Sverdlov University in Moscow, Stalin specified ‘cultural and educational organizations’ as valuable allies in the communist battle for world dictatorship. . .It was in 1933 however, that extensive infiltration began in the schools and colleges of this country encouraged by American recognition of Soviet Russia. . .”

During the years of this extensive effort to use our educational system to help change the American way of thinking, a key propaganda gimmick used to keep communists, socialists, and other undesirables on teaching staffs was the cry of “academic freedom.” You find a nation where the communists are in charge and then you let them talk about academic freedom. They suddenly hush their talk once they are in charge of the academic program. On our colleges, universities, and yes, our high school campuses, there is coming a great parade of leftists, communists, Black Panthers, and SDS people dedicated to revolution with their sandals, blue jeans, and long hippy like hair. Note: I found 2 anagrams for SDS that seemed to fit this article: Sozialistischer Studentenbund (Socialistic Students Union; in the 1960s) and Students for a Democratic Society (radical political organization of the 1960s).

 In his testimony before the House Subcommittee on Appropriations on February 23, 1968, J. Edgar Hoover made the following remarks in relation to the reason communists are so anxious to get their speakers on college campuses: “The basic purpose. . .behind the speaking campaign, which has been pursued with vigor since the early 1960’s, is to gain recognition for and acceptance of the Communist party, USA, as a legitimate political party on the American scene. The party considers that college campuses offer an excellent opportunity to reach the youth who will be leaders of tomorrow. . .”

The May 26, 1970 issue of The Daily World said that the academic senate of the University of California of Los Angeles adopted by a vote of 209 to 5 a resolution expressing outrage at their regents for attempts to fire Angela Davis, a philosophy teacher and a member of the Communist party. Earlier in defending her right to pollute the minds of college students Angela Davis claimed that her teaching was not indoctrination. However, she said, I can’t and I won’t keep political ideas out of the classroom,” and only “some form of communism will solve our human problems,” (San Francisco Examiner, October 9, 1969).

During the summer of 1969, freshmen preparing to enter the University of Maryland were furnished a booklet regarding orientation and registration which listed three steps to be taken. The first was to fill out four enclosed cards, and the second was to send $13.00 to the university. The third called for the new freshmen to read at least one of a list of books which included: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOM X, BLACK POWER, THE POLITICS OF LIBERATION IN AMERICA, by Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton; CONCERNING CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE by Abe Fortas; THE OTHER AMERICAN by Michael Harrington, long-time socialist leader in the United States; and other books containing a leftist slant. (Human Events, July 19, 1969)

In a report to the National Committee of the Communist party on April 26, 1959, Hyman Lumer, National Educational Director of the party at that time, told fellow conspirators that success was not possible unless they could “win a solid base among the youth.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is, our country is being destroyed by our young people! It is being done because we have driven our boys and girls up to a beautiful building, let them off in the morning, allowed them to walk through some doors, through which we seldom, if ever walk, to be taught by people we do not know, from books we have not read about, subjects with which we do not agree! Behind those doors that we hold sacred where we let our children out each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning, all Hell is breaking loose and our country is being destroyed while we deify the place where it’s happening. The communists decided 40 years ago to ruin America through our schools, and they’re doing it! You say, “Brother Hyles, that’s in the colleges.” Well, where do you think the high schools and elementary schools get their teachers?

The October 10, 1969 issue of TIME magazine observes: “It has become a truism that each new class of college freshmen is more radical, more tuned in, turned on, and dropped out than the last. . .”

The Tulsa Tribune, December 27, 1968 contained a report from an interview with six graduates of the Holland Hall High School attending six different colleges: “None of the six were willing to reject the radical SDS or the Black  Students’ Union flatly, but all said their causes and actions must be judged individually on their merits.”

The August 1, 1969 issue of New Left Notes proclaimed: “. . .the war is not just happening in Viet Nam. . .it is happening here. In black communities through the country. On college campuses. And in the high schools, in the shops, and on the streets. . .it is a war in which we must fight. . .”

The communists published in the February 8, 1969 issue of The Daily World an article that was headlined, “Battleground Reports from the Nation’s Colleges.”

What success are they having in our area? (Indiana) You say, “Preacher, that’s UCLA; that’s New York City.” Hold it! I have in my hand a survey taken this morning. Let’s see how they are doing with their revolution and how they’re affecting our own children. Question 15 on the survey was this: “Have you ever heard the American way of life, the establishment, and capitalism criticized by a teacher?” Of the 230 students, over 150 of them said they had heard America condemned in the classroom. That means over 63% of our young people have had to sit in classrooms where some teacher tries to destroy the American way of life. That is treason! The law says they have to sit and listen to somebody try to destroy capitalism., the establishment, and the American way of life. If there is such a teacher here tonight, let say to him, “Your hell can’t be too hot for you!” It’s amazing! Somebody preaches like I’m preaching and they’re called bigots, but your left-wingers can get u, holler, scream, rabble-rouse all they want to and it is “academic freedom.” You let a right-winger or a conservative stand up and speak what he believes and he’s considered a rabble-rouser. We need some old-fashioned hell-fire and damnation rabble-rousers! America is being destroyed while we fiddle. Your own child is at stake.

What else is being launched at your child?

Part 3 will post on Saturday, July 25.

A Special Child

I don’t know who wrote this poem. It was clipped from a newspaper but I really liked it.

A meeting was held quite far from earth

“It’s time again for another birt,”

Said the angels to the Lord above,

“This special child will need much love.”

His progress may seem very slow

Accomplishments he may not show

And he’ll require extra care

From the folks he meets way down there.

He may not run or laugh or play

His thoughts may seem quite far away

In many ways he won’t adapt

And he’ll be known as handicapped.

So let’s be careful where he’s sent

We want his life to be content

Please, Lord, find the parents who

Will do a special job for you.

They will not realize riht away

The leading role they’re asked to play

But with this child sent from above

Come stronger faith and richer love.

And soon they’ll know the privilege given

In caring for this gift from heaven

Their precious charge, so meek and mild,

Is heaven’s very special child.

The Eviction of Mrs. Pauley-Writing 101

My name is Ayisha. I’m sitting on the broken wooden steps outside my house.  I can’t stop the flow of tears. If mama hears me crying like this I’ll be in trouble. I’m the oldest of three kids and this is my neighborhood. I’m also almost the oldest kid in the neighborhood so people expect me to make sure there’s no trouble. If I see something going on that isn’t right I’m supposed to call 9-1-1 or get a grown up to help. Today I’m looking at Mrs. Pauley’s house across the street. It’s a brick house with a nice porch with a porch swing. But like most of our houses, there are cracks in the walls and pillars. Most of the yards here need mowing and weeding. Some have been vacant a long time and they have lots of trash and garbage dumped in them. It looks really sad, like me.

This used to be such a nice neighborhood. Poor Mrs. Pauley. Her garden used to have irises, tulips, and lilies. I used to help her weed her garden. Now the weeds have taken over and her health is so bad she can’t even hardly come out to the porch anymore. It seems since Mr. Pauley died she has just lost hope and let herself go. I promised I would keep helping her and take care of her flowers, but that mean old landlord won’t let her stay there because she can’t pay the rent. Dear Jesus, I don’t know what to do. She told me to stop coming over because it hurts her to see me doing something that won’t make any difference when they’ve taken her away. Lord, can’t you please do something to help her?

I wipe my eyes and try to plaster a smile on my face as mama pulls into the driveway. She opens the door and I see grocery bags. I call my brothers to come and help carry them in.

“Jordan, you’re little so you find the milk jug and carry it in. Elijah, you grab one of the bags. I’ll grab two.”

“Ayisha,” mama was talking to me. “Your eyes are puffy. You been crying? What you crying about?”

“Mrs. Pauley won’t let me weed her garden anymore. She said it makes her too sad to watch me when she’s only got three days left before they make her move.”

“Who’s gonna make her move?”

“That mean old landlord. Mrs. Pauley hasn’t had any money coming in since her husband died, and she got behind in the rent, and there’s no way to pay it.”

“Ayisha, we don’t criticize people. That wasn’t nice what you said about the landlord. You know he can’t afford to just let people stay there for free. How would she live? She wouldn’t be able to pay the electric bill or water bill either. She’s got six sons, right? Maybe they can help her.”

I didn’t say anything else that day but I couldn’t stop thinking about our sweet neighbor across the street. Doesn’t the Bible say we’re supposed to help each other? Mrs. Pauley believes in God. Why doesn’t He help her? I’m just a kid but I really want to do something.

Mama was watching the news and there was a story about a boy about my age (twelve) that was having his mom, his neighbors, and people at school donate food for homeless people. Maybe I could try to take up a collection for Mrs. Pauley. After supper dishes were done I went to my room and got on my computer. I e-mailed all my friends and asked them to ask their parents if they could donate money to the cause. I went to my church’s website and sent a note to the pastor. I got on Facebook and posted a note explaining the situation and asking people to help.

Three days later, I sat on my broken wooden steps again, watching the landlord and the police try to get Mrs. Pauley to leave. She went to her mailbox first, with the police and landlord watching. Her face looked kind of funny as she pulled out a couple of stacks of mail out. Her mailbox must have been almost overflowing.

Suddenly a smile burst across her face like sunshine and she began ripping the envelopes open. I had to run over to see what had happened. She was my favorite person in the world next to my mama.

“Look, Ayisha. There are checks and money orders in every single one of these envelopes. How did this happen? How did all these people know what I needed?”

Then some other cars pulled up and I watched her sons, who had moved away long ago, get out of their cars. At first they thought something was really wrong. But they surrounded Mrs. Pauley, enveloping her in a group hug. I heard one of them say, “Mom, this is incredible. There’s enough money here for us to buy you a small house. You just have to decide which one of us you want to live near. Or you can take turns staying with us until you decide.

I gave Mrs. Pauley a hug good-bye and went home. “Lord, thank you for giving me the idea to get other people involved. It feels so good to help someone who really needs it.”