I Can’t Swim

The bridge was out. We were driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which runs from Chesapeake, Virginia to Cape Charles, Virginia. The day started with bright sunshine and light air-brushed clouds gently gliding across a blue sky. Our car was packed with drinks for the kids and chips and crackers for snacking. We would [...]


Frienemies, Chapter Twenty-One

Tommy and Joey finally had a chance to go back to the mound of dirt they had discovered a few days earlier. There was no mound there now, only a deep empty hole. “Somebody stole our treasure,” Tommy wailed. “It wasn’t our treasure,” his older brother replied. “Well,” Tommy sniffed, “it would have been. What [...]

New Challenge, New Site

I am so excited to be working with Timothy Pike again! He is starting a new class called 10000 +10. The goal is to write 10,000 words in a month and have 10 people read it (if you want them to) and get feedback. It starts tomorrow, March 1. If you would like to follow [...]

FaceBook Woes

I am tired. I am weepy. I have less storage space in my motorhome than what was available in the travel trailer. Haven't had time or energy to do any real writing in weeks. And now. . .someone wants to steal my friends and family on FB. It was reported that someone was trying to [...]

Uh-oh: Copyright Laws

I read a post on Write to Done a few minutes ago that stated at the end of the article (or maybe it was on their page about contributing) that sharing the posts of others on social media drags down their SEO rating. So I'm not re-blogging author posts any more, unless I've been asked [...]

Rate This Opening

July 1, 1837             I've unpacked my meager belongings, having sold whatever I could to purchase passage to America. Many of the things were Da's, things he'd given me as I was growin up. Many were bribes to keep me quiet about what he did to me. Mayhap I shouldn’ta kept them but they help [...]