Rewrite! Rewrite! Rewrite!

I recently got back the rights to my first novel, Vengeance. It took me over twenty years to write it and revise, revise, revise. I got sick of looking at it and wrote a hasty ending. Then I sent it off to a POD publisher who did absolutely nothing to promote it and put such a high price on it, no one would ever purchase it.

It took  me fifteen years to get the rights back, but now I have them. I will be doing a rewrite to make the story better. As I go through the process I will introduce you to my characters. It is a post Civil War novel set in West Virginia. The protagonist is a seventeen-year-old half breed (Cherokee/caucasian) who is suddenly faced with responsbilites she had never anticipated while struggling to find her true faith.

Follow me and let me know what you think. Offer suggestions if you like. Journey with me throught the process. I expect to have it ready for re-release by early summer of 2016.