Satan’s Bid for Your Child: Profane Living

We asked, “Have you ever heard one of your school teachers use vulgar language in the classroom?” Eighty-seven percent said, “Yes.” “Have you ever heard a school teacher take the name of the Lord in vain in class?” Fifty percent said, “Yes.” “Do you ever hear students cursing aloud in class?” was answered “Yes” by ninety-three percent.

Now, get this. “Do any of your school friends drink?” “Yes” was answered by eighty-five percent. “Have you ever taken a drink?” Of the 230 high school students that filled out this form this morning in our high school departments, sixty-nine percent of them said, “Yes.” That’s over one-third of our First Baptist high schoolers! They’re sitting here tonight! This has happened to your children—the ones you “trust,” the ones of whom you said, “It can’t happen to my child. If he’s going to go out in the world someday, let him go now.” If sixty-nine percent of our 230 high school kids have already taken a drink of beer, whiskey, or wine, I wonder what it’s like down at the liberal churches! Do you wonder why our teens drank? I know! They were in the wrong crowd. Eighty-five percent were in a crowd that did it and thirty-nine percent went ahead and took it themselves!

What is another method the devil is using to get your child?


Now listen carefully! John Guernsey, education writer of the Portland “Oregonian,” recently witnessed a group of school administrators having their first experience playing sensitivity games. This is the ultimate in beastly living. Mr. Guernsey said “About fifty of the top Portland school district’s wheels, both men and women, recently took part in a sensitivity session conducted by Universeity of Portland psychologists.” Not wishing to go all out, they removed only their shoes. In one exercise the school administrators formed a circle and then took turns standing in the center letting themselves fall backward. Someone wasn’t paying close enough attention and one participant landed on the floor. The school officials’ sensitivity session also called for everyone to close his eyes, wander about the room in bare feet with arms outstretched, and try to identify others with his hands when he touched someone. You say, “Well, that’s in Oregon.” It also happened at one of our local high schools! Yes, teachers from this area met, men and women closed their eyes, blindfolded themselves, took off their shoes, felt each other, and tried to identify who they were by feeling each other! That’s heathenism! It’s going on all over this nation tonight.

Sensitivity training is sex education encouraging students to express all points of view freely. They also use four-letter words. They get together and say, “Okay, now express yourself.” If anybody wants to use a dirty four-letter word, he just screams it aloud! They say that is expressing yourself, removing all the guilt feeling, removing all the inhibitions.

To be continued Saturday. We only have two segments left to finish this information. Then I’ll move on to something else.

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Rock Music Part 4

CHEETAH is one of the big magazines aimed at teenagers. It quotes a New York musician as saying, “If the establishment knew what today’s popular music is saying, not what the words are saying, but what the music itself is saying, they wouldn’t just turn their thumbs down it; they’d ban it. They’d smash all the records and arrest anyone who would try to play it!” That was said by one of the leading New York City musicians. Anybody that knows anything about music knows that the music itself carries a message.

Frank Zappa, leader of a rock group called “Mothers of Invention” said, “The loud sounds and the bright lights of today are tremendous indoctrination tools. It is possible to modify the human chemical structure with the right combination of frequencies. If the right kind of beat makes you tap your foot, what kind of beat makes you curl your fist and strike?” Zappa, whose group has recorded some “lollapaloozers” in the fields of sex, drugs, and revolution, knows what he’s talking about despite his mangy bear, long hair, and hippie costume; he has a master’s degree in music.

Fifty years ago Lenin stood before a Communist Youth League and said, “We’ll have to change the culture of a nation if it is to go communistic.” Nine years later (about forty years ago) a department was formed by the communist government in Russia to infiltrate America with what we have facing us now!

Such atheists as Madeline Murray O’Hare have taken cases to the Supreme Court, which has taken the Bible and prayer from our public schools; yet, under the guise of freedom, traitors are allowed to speak on our college campuses. We have become a nation that allows someone to flaunt God and shout in our faces, “I’m going to kill you,” while we say, “You’re ‘free’ to do it.” They appear on our television stations speaking in the name of peace, make light of the Bible, deny God, and talk about free love while we say, “Freedom.” I wish they’d put more television cameras on places like Bob Jones University where girls have to wear their dresses down to their knees and decency prevails. I’m an American citizen who thinks that when a person uses an American flag to wash his car, he ought to be put in the penitentiary! I’m an American who thinks if a man says he’s going to break our laws, burn our buildings, and destroy our society, we ought to put him in prison before he does it. I’m an American who says when a man kills seven nurses in cold-blooded murder, it shouldn’t take a quarter of a century to make him pay for his crime. I’m an American who still believes in capital punishment because the Bible teaches it!

It is time some preachers got angry at what Satan is doing TODAY. We must get back to decency. Rock music is ruining our young people and overwhelming our country with communism. What can we do about it? Here is what we must do:

  1. Teenagers, destroy every record, picture, and magazine you have that has anything to do with these revolutionary singing groups. Don’t give them away. Burn them! Break them! Destroy them!
  2. Parents, don’t allow such music to be played in your home. I mean, do not even allow it on your television screen!
  3. Do not allow Gospel words sung to a jungle beat.
  4. Do not just take away the bad music, but put good music in your home.

Recently I listened to good music as I went to sleep. I’d wake up again, listen to music awhile, and go back to sleep. I found myself wanting to sleep and wanting to wake up both because I wanted to hear the music. Do you know what? I slept better. I was refreshed the next morning. Good music will do something for you. Play good music on your radio. Be sure that the music you play doesn’t have the jungle beat that is dedicated to the destruction of the morals of your children and the freedom that your children enjoy.

Some of you will rebel against what I’ve preached, and you’ll walk out those doors criticizing me at the expense of your own children! You’ll let your little darlings have their own way, listen to rock, and follow the suggestions of the words and music, but you wait! You will regret it later. I know of families who have walked out after a sermon like this criticizing the Preacher and the message in front of their children. Now they wish they hadn’t done it. “Preacher hash” for a midnight snack doesn’t hurt me one bit, but it really does hurt your children.

In Jesus’ name, sing “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord” (Colossians 3:16) while you are “speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs, spiritual songs, singing, and making melody in your heart to the Lord.” (Ephesians 5:19)

Kay’s note: I hate the lyrics to the theme song from Frozen. Adults may understand the context of the words no wrong, no right, no rules, but children just hear the words. It sends the message that we have the freedom to do as we please and no one has the right to tell us we are wrong. The Bible clearly tells us that there is a right and a wrong; there are rules. When we don’t follow the rules we pay the consequences of our poor choices. Look at all of the single moms trying to raise kids on their own, struggling to make ends meet. Their kids (regardless of race or ethnicity) often end up in gangs because they have no relationship with that single parent because the parent is working so hard. The child, needing acceptance wherever he/she can find it, may end up in a gang, or selling drugs to try to help with the family finances. No consequences? No right or wrong? Look around you, people. Wake up and smell the waste and refuse of destroyed lives. And don’t blame God for the problems when He gave you the rules (start with the Ten Commandments, then read the rest of the Bible), and you chose to go your own way.

Satan’s Bid For Your Child: Rock Music Part 3

Kay’s note: I thought I had posted this, or had it scheduled to post but I’m not finding it, so if this is a duplicate post, please forgive me.

Paul cantor of the “Jefferson Airplane” said on the Les Crane Show, “The new rock music is intended to broaden the generation gap, alienate parents from their children, and prepare young people for revolution.” There was a day when such filth was given in little papers that were sold between the covers of magazines or underneath the counter, but now they get on the television programs, look us square in the eye, and with the Supreme Court’s sanction say, “We are trying to alienate children from parents and cause revolution in America.” And we pay them to do it! How long will we be so foolish!

Bob Dylan is called by communist People World Publication as “America’s greatest poet.” LOOK magazine said that he is “unchallenged as a teen and college-crowd absolute hipster.” Here is one of his recordings:

Come, mothers and fathers throughout the land,

Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.

Your sons and daughters are beyond your command.

Your old road is rapidly aging;

Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand

For the times they are a-changing,

The line is drawn,

The curse is cast,

The slow one now will later be fast

As the present now will later be past

The order is rapidly fading

The first one now will later be last

For the times they are a-changing.

So much of the music in our nation is dedicated to revolution. Phil Ochs is one of the heroes and darlings of the revolutionaries. (By the way, these songs are played on radio stations in Hammond and Chicago, and their records are selling by the millions.) Phil has one called, “I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore.” That one is against the Vietnam War. How do you like this one for a song, “The Draft Dodger Rag”?  Our boys and girls are listening to it! Phil Ochs said, “The Vietcong are right. We should support Ho Chi Minh” He has created such popular lines as “White boots marchin’ in yellow land, We’re fighting in a war we lost before the war began. We’re the white boots marchin’ in a yellow land, and Cops, soldiers of the world.” “The War’s Over” has these words:

Serve your country in her suicide

Find a flag so you can wave goodbye

But just before the end,

Treason might be worth a try.

The Lovin’ Spoonful, another singing group, published an album recently entitled, “Revolution ’69.”

  1. Rock music is definitely promoting the sale and use of drugs in America. In the authentic biography of the Beatles we are told that they started using drugs at the beginning of their career. This is no secret. Every time you buy their records you are paying for dope and are hooked up with a culture that is dedicated to the destruction of America and the propagation of narcotics. The Beatles have a song entitled, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Lucy-L-in the Sky-S-with Diamonds-D- and it’s publicized LSD.” They have code words in their songs the hippie crowd understands. As they sing the songs, they are speaking about drugs.

Gordon McClendon, a Texan who owns thirteen radio stations across the country, decided to take all the music off his radio stations that had anything to do with drugs or the use of drugs. He was attacked and blasted even by a leading magazine because of his action!

If I weren’t a Christian, I think my cultural taste would be above such trash. If I didn’t believe in God, I still would find it disgusting. Not only does this jungle beat go against my Christian principles but it also opposes my culture, refinement, and taste.

Many of the leading songs have been admittedly written under the influence of drugs. Here is “White Rabbit” as sung by the Jefferson Airplane.

One pill makes you larger,

And one pill makes you small,

And the ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all;

Go ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall

And if you off chasin’ rabbits,

Then you know you’re going to fall

Tell ’em a hookah-smokin’ caterpillar

Has given you the call.

And call Alice when she was just small

When the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go

And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom, and your mind is moving low

         Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know

        When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead

        And the white knight is talking backwards

        And the red queen’s off with her head

       Remember what the dormouse said

       Feed your head! Feed your head!

Wouldn’t Shakespeare have been proud of that? (By the way, what ever happened to Shakespeare?) We’re rearing a generation of revolutionaries, and this music has much to do with it!

Now listen to the words of the Beatles’ hit, “She’s Leavin’ Home.”

She’s havin’ fun,

Fun is the thing tht money can’t buy,

Something inside that’s always denied for many years

Bye, bye, she’s leavin’ home. Bye, bye.

I wonder how many girls have heard that “song” played by some disc jockey on a radio station and have left home to go into sin. One mother called me the other day, and she was crying as she said, “Brother Hyles, my daughter has been to your Sunday school. She has gone to your church, and she’s left home and gone over to the Village Boutique! She’s over there! What can I do about it? What can I do?” I wonder how many young girls have listened to this kind of communist-inspired filth and have left home, Mother, and decency.

I wept as I read about a rock music festival on the east coast. A half million young people attended. They said it was characterized by narcotics and nudity, yet, the merchants of the town said, “They’re fine young people” as those who do not loot stores and burn buildings. “fine young people,” but they gathered there and lived in a cesspool of iniquity, vulgarity, lasciviousness, adultery, fornication, dope and everything that’s indecent and got by with it!

Rock Music continued

Part 2 of the section on Rock Music taken from “Satan’s Bid For Your Child.” This is a lengthy section and has two more parts after this one. Please remember that this was originally published in 1971. Still, it is enlightening as we look at our society today and the near absence of any moral code of conduct.

I am also not advocating “long-haired” music in church. I love the classics, but there’ll never be a classic played on that organ during a service as long I am pastor of this church. The church service is not the place for classics. I’m saying that if or churches want to get back the power of God and have changed lives, revival atmosphere, mourner’s benches, and folks getting born again, they’ll have to have the right kind of music. I’m talking about Billy Sunday, Homer Rodeheaver, Dwight Moody, R.A. Torrey kind of music. I’m talking about “At Calvary,” “At the Cross,” “Dwelling in Beulah Land,” “How Firm a Foundation,” “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” “Wonderful Words of Life,” “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” and “Jesus is Coming Again.” I’m talking about the solid songs tht have helped build the church and great revivals.

Now if music is so life changing and so atmosphere determining, the communists are certainly not going to bypass it in their efforts to take over America. The communists are master propagandists. Something that affects a nation so much would certainly not be bypassed by people who are as brilliant as our communist adversaries. In 1920 Lenin spoke at the third all-Russian Congress of Young Communists Leagues, and said: “If we are going to spread our doctrine, we’re going to have to rework the culture.” In 1929, the Russians founded an Association of Proletarian Musicians just for one purpose—to place communist influence on the music of the world. That means, ladies and gentleman, that for forty years there has been a department in Russia—just like our Department of the Interior, Department of Commerce Department of Agriculture, etc.—dedicated to spreading communist-type music around the world. The House of Un-American Activities Committee called Sidney Pinklestein the “cultural spokesman of the communist conspiracy.” Pinklestein said, “Break down the barriers in America between classical and popular music.” It is no surprise then that that barrier is being broken down.

Television and radio programs by the dozens which have traditionally been for good solid music now have on their programs such guests as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. I can’t sing, I don’t know much about music, but I know that is not music!

You say, “foolishness, Preacher. How could the communists take over the country with music?”

Plato said in his “Republic,” “the introduction of a new kind of music should be shunned as imperiling the whole state.” Many generations ago Plato begged the legislature to ban all music of an effeminate and licentious character, for “It will destroy our nation,” he said. One hundred years before the Beatles ever came Henry David Thoreau made this statement in his writing to Walden: “Music may be intoxicating. It has helped cause the destruction of the Greek and Roman Empires and it will sooner or later destroy America and England.” These were not excited reactionaries. These were men who knew what music could do to a society. The ancient legislators felt that they could not form a state without the help of a lyric and maybe even a dramatic poet.

Scientists have experimented with dogs and have found that certain music played while dogs are eating cases them to lose their appetites or to increase the action of their salivary glands which causes them to eat more.

Just as music will stir the appetite for food, music will also stir other appetites as well. There is a direct correlation between music and beastly living—immorality, indecency, dope addiction, LSD, filthy bodies, long hair, shaggy beards, and dirty feet. You have a jungle beat and yu will have jungle people!

  1. Rock music is being used by communists to bring communism into America! Consider the Beatles’ hit, “Back in the U.S.S.R.” Capitol Records says of this song, “It is the fastest selling record in recording history.” Many of your kids are listening to it, and you know nothing about it. Here are the words:

            Been away so long I hardly now the place,

Gee, it’s good to be back home,

Leave it to tomorrow to unpack my case;

Honey, disconnect the phone,

I’m back in the U.S.S.R.

You don’t know how lucky you are, boys

Back in the U.S.

Back in the U.S.

Back in the U.S.S.R.

Well, the Ukraine girls really knock me out.

They leave the West behind

Moscow girls make me sing and shout

That ‘Georgia’s always on my mind’

I’m back in the U.S.S.R.

Show me around your snow-peaked mountains

Away down south

Take me to your daddy’s farm

Let me hear your—(I would NOT pronounce this word) ring out,

Come and keep your comrade warm

I’m back in the US.S.R.

Boy, you don’t know how lucky you are boys,

Back in the U.S.S.R.

That’s the Beatles’ latest hit and it is being sold in record numbers to your boys and girls. Young people, if you buy it or listen to it, you are not only unpatriotic, you are not right with God! A lot of you parents have no idea what your children are hearing.

We spend seventy million dollars a year in America fighting the communism and the atheism of Russia, and yet the outstanding record as far as sales is concerned is not “Back Home Again in Indiana,” “Back in Virginia Where I was Born,” or “The Eyes of Texas,” but it’s “Back in the U.S.S.R.” The honest simple truth is that we are being choked to death by our so-called freedom. Nobody has a right to be free enough to steal our freedom! We have the idea that we can have peaceful coexistence with Soviet Russia. My brother, Russia is as dedicated as ever to destroying “American freedom.”

Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part 3


Many of you do not know what your kids are reading. You have not checked. You have no idea, so I will have to tell you. I’m going to open a few of the books. I will not say the bad words. I’ll just spell them. Kay’s note: I won’t spell them; I’ll just allude to the fact there is cursing in the noted passaged.

NEW WORLDS AHEAD is used in the seventh grade. Included is a story, “The stray Kitten” by Richard Wright. Page 54, “Kill that D- thing.” Page 55, “I had my first triumph over my father. I had made him believe that I had taken his words literally. He could not punish me now without risking his authority. I was happy because I had at last found a way to throw my criticism of him into his face.” Another story in the book is called, “The Blue Serge Suit.” Page 414, “D- asthma.” Page 416, the D word is used twice. That’s seventh grade reading!

VOICES IN LITERATURE(I) is used in grade nine. “Shoe Shine” by Jerome Weidman, page 21: God’s name is taken in vain. “The Long Night” by Lowell Blanton, page 84: the D word is used. “The Invisible Aborigine” by Eugene Burdick, page 205: the D word is used Page 209, the D- word is used. On page 235 parental authority is questioned. “The Sissy from Anaconda,” page 352:  the same expletive is used, then hell as a curse word.

Ladies and gentlemen, not only is this bad language and bad English, it is not culture! It is neither refined nor scholarly! We are a little above this kind of crudeness. Not only does it prick our religious and spiritual convictions, it pricks our culture!

We are just getting started. Because you won’t check on your children’s required reading, I have to read it for you. THEMES IN LITERATURE is used in the tenth grade. “The Colt” by Wallace Stegner, page 127: uses God’s name as a curse twice.

Before you start criticizing me, and before you say that our kids are not having to read stuff like this, remember, I have the poll from this morning. Before some of you school teachers say, “Well, I teach school and that’s not going on,” don’t forget, you go to just one school. I have the poll! I’m going to give you the goods in a minute, so don’t shut your ears. I’m trying to help you and your kids.

Also in “The Colt,” page 128: the D word is used again. In “Mateo Falcone” by Merimee, the father kills his own son. WESTERN LITERATURE: THEMES AND WRITERS, “The Out Station” by W. Somerset Maugham, page 83: someone is told to go to the place where the devil will spend eternity, the D word is used three times, and God’s name is taken in vain once. There are fifteen counts of profanity and murder in this one story on page 83.

In “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunger, pages 105-111, a gang member is stabbed and the whole story describes how he lays on the sidewalk and bleeds to death. OF MICE AND MEN by John Steinbeck has been required reading in numbers of schools in this area. Page 24: Hell is used as a curse word, and God’s name is used a curse word. (My Bible says that you are not to take the name of Lord God in vain). Not one time are my children going to sit in school and hear anybody curse my God anymore! You don’t have to let yours to that either. Page 48: God’s name is again used as a curse word. Page 56: Someone is called the son of a prostitute. (The actual word is used. I won’t even spell the word or make lines for it. Adults know what that word is, and kids don’t need to know.) On page 83 a brothel is mentioned in its more commonly known name; Jesus’s name is used as a curse word; and on page 94, God’s name is taken in vain again and someone is called a son of a female dog in heat.

SOUL ON ICE by Eldridge Cleaver, page 159 uses the N word for black people and sons of female dogs in heat.

You can sit there in anger if you want to, but I’m trying to help your kids! I’m doing it at the risk of your becoming angry. Yet, if I lose half the deacon board and two-thirds of the members, there’s one thing I’m going to do: I will try to save your kids for Jesus’ sake. I’m not mad at anybody but the devil, but I’m weary of this crowd of left-wingers, sex perverts, and Sweden-oriented teachers who are taking over our schools and ruining our kids. If you are not one of those, I am not talking about you, but there are thousands of them. It’s getting worse all the time. This kind of garbage is what they are requiring our kids to read. I haven’t even started yet really. I wish I had time to read you much more. Let’s go further.

SOUL ON ICE, page 160: “I will not be free until the day I can have a white woman in my bed and a white man minds his own business.” I can’t even read all of this.

THE GAPES OF WRATH by John Steinbeck, published by Viking Press, Page 27 has two curse words in close proximity. You’re not checking, are you? Listen to me! You ought to say, “My child is not going to be subject to this anymore!” Kay’s note: we have become so inured to this kind of language in the books we read as adults, in the stuff we watch on television and in movies, that we ignore it in our kids’ movies. I remember watching the movie “The Bad News Bears” when it first came out, starring Jodie Foster and Tatum O’Neil when they were kids. There were little kids cursing in that movie. I was appalled. I think it’s time for parents who care about their kids to contact Disney and Hollywood and demand that they stop putting trash in movies that are supposed be for children! Family movies ought not to have that trash in them either.

You say, “Brother Hyles, that’s not taking place here.” Oh? Well, maybe I have the goods on you. This morning 230 of our high schoolers were asked this question: Have you been asked to read such books as OF MICE AND ME, SOUL ON ICE, THE GRAPES OF WRATH, CATCHER IN THE RYE, or any other book that includes cursing? “Yes” was the answer given by 35% of our young people. You didn’t know that, did you? Here is the sad thing: seventy-eight said they’d been asked to read such literature, and 51 of them did so. This means two out of three of our best kids didn’t have the courage enough to say no. Do you know why they didn’t? In many cases, they have moms and dads at home who wouldn’t back them up. There are teenagers in this room tonight who come to me weeping because they want to do what is right but their parents want them to be “accepted” in the public high school or junior high school.

Another note from Kay: I know our kids will hear bad language anyway, but if we allow it in our homes they will think we approve of it. If we approve of it, they will not be bothered by it and may use the same language themselves. What is okay in the world should not neccessarily be okay in our homes.

Also, any time we say “God” and we’re not talking to Him or about Him, we’re using His name in vain (without a purpose, or to no avail), so OMG, for a Christian should end with the G being “goodness,” or “gracious,” not God.

What else is the devil teaching your child?

Next segment to be posted Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

Satan’s Bid For Your Child Part I

This is copied by permission from Hyles Publications. It was first published in 1972, written by Dr. Jack Hyles, now deceased pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN. He was a great man of God, a great preacher who had tremendous compassion for all people. I was privileged to attend services at this church a few times, twice for Ladies’ Jubilee. This is being reprinted in his honor and in high hopes that it will benefit parents today to be more aware of the influences in our society that, now more than ever before, want to lead our children away from any concept or belief in God. Every word printed in this post is directly from this publication. Some of it may not apply to today as some of the things we had back then are no longer available today. Nevertheless, I don’t want to take anything away from what Dr. Hyles wrote.

If I did not love you so much, I would not preach this sermon. Many willnot agree wtih me. I know our church has many public school teachers. I am sure that in this congregation we have 35 to 40 people who teach in the public schools. I wouldn’t hurt you purposely for the world.

The truth is that many parents do not know what is happening in our public shcools. Hence, I am going to be very frank tonight and spend myself to save your boys and girls. I’m going to risk your devotion, your love, your fellowship, and maybe your friendship, but I’m going to do it because with all my heart I want to save your children.

A lady said to me yesterday, “I went to an elementary school recently to work in the lunch room. Pastor, I never realized before just what is happening in our schools.”

I plead with you tonight for your kids!

I hold before me a copy of a Teenage Questionnaire. In sunday school this morning 230 of your high school-age students took this survey. Here are the questions it includes:1. Have you ever heard one of your school teachers use vulgar language in class?

1. Have you ever heard one of your school teachers use vulgar language in class?

2. Have you ever heard a school teacher take the name of the Lord in vain in class?

3. Do you ever hear students cursing aloud in class?

4. Have you ever been approached by someone who wanted to sell or give you marijuana or any other narcotic?

5. Have any of your school firneds used narcotics?

6. Have you ever used drugs?

7. Have you ever given away or sold drugs yourself?

8. Do you now of any teacher who uses drugs?

9 Have you ever been taught evolution?

10. Do any of your teachers wear mini-skirts?

11. Do any of your teachers wear pant-dresses?

12. Do any of your school friends drink?

13. Have you ever taken a drink of any alcoholic beverage such as beer, wine, etc.?

14. Has there ever been in your school any disturbances such as revolts, riots student disorders, boycots, etc.?

15. Have you ever heard the American way of life, the establishment, and capitalism criticized by a teacher?

16. Have you ever worn slacks to school? (This applied to girls, as this denomination teaches that women shouldn’t wear pants because pants pertain to men.)

17. Have you ever worn shorts to school?

18. Have you ever been taught that pre-marital sex is all right?

19. Have you been asked to read such books as Of Mice and Men, Soul On Ice, The Grapes of Wrath, Catcher in the Rye, or any other book that includes cursing?

20. Have you read any of these books?

Before you leave tonight I am going to tell you what your children said this morning in answer to the questionnaire. Throughout the message tonight you will learn the results of this survey.

A note from Kay: I realize that all of these things go on in our schools today, but when this was written girls were just beginning to be allowed to wear pants to school, and shorts were allowed. It was written during the Viet Nam conflict era, when patriotism was lagging and morality was in a fast decline. The reader will be able to see how far we have fallen.

If your child’s teacher were walking down the street, how many of you would recognize him? Please raise your hand. That’s not much over 15 percent of the crowd. How many of you have ever read at least one book that was required reading for your child at school? Please lift your hand. You see, you don’t know what’s going on! Like the ostrich you don’t want to know what’s going on because you don’t want to get involved enough to spend some of your money to save your child. You want to keep on riding high, living it up, and enjoyng life without facing the fact, we have a battle on our hands! That battle is not just to save a country; it is to save your children! If we don’t rise up and do something about it, everything decent that we know about our way of life is going to crumble. I AM WEARY OF SOME SO-CALLED SCHOLARS WHO ARE DESTROYING OUR CHILDREN! Not only am I tired of it, but I have ceased to be quiet about it. Because you will not check on what is going on, I am going to open the door to the public schools and invite you in. I challenge anybody to disprove what I say tonight.

You say, “Preacher, you are a rabble-rouser!”

Yes, I am, but not nearly as much so as those who are trying to ruin the minds of our children and destroy the patriotism, decency, honor, character, and chastity of our boys and girls. Not only am I going to do some rabble-rousing, I am also going to do some school building! I’m going to give our kids a choice!

Satan is after your child. He has pointed every gun in his arsenal at the soul, body, and mind of your child, and he is basically doing it through the school room. There are some institutions that we do not like to see attacked by anyone. The school room has been so deified in our minds that we think that it can see no evil, do no evil, and speak no evil. While we have built a canopy of protection over it, it is destroying and stealing our boys and girls. Parents all over this auditorium could stand as living testimonies to what I’m going to say. I could have dozens of parents parade across this platform whose dreams have been shattered. They would say, “My boy or girl was ruined by a university, a high school, or a teacher!”

Your children may go to the devil; they may not go to a Christian school, and they may not turn out right, but I’ll tell you one thing: It will not be because Brother Hyles didn’t warn you and do the best he could to help you.. If anybody gets mad at me tonight, it will be because you just do not understand that I love you and I love your children! In fact, I love you so much that I am going to tell you the truth. There is always a time of preparation before one goes out to fight. The man who is drafted into the army goes to prepare with other soldiers before he goes into battle. The child must be undergirded with truth, character, strength, honor, discipline, and right before we send him out to a godless world.

I’m going to give you tonight several methods that the devil is using to attack your child.

To be continued Wednesday.