Family Illness

I want to apologize for not being as diligent lately in keeping up with my blog. Due to a family illness that requires much of my attention, and trying to keep up with my writing schedule so I don’t get lazy, I haven’t had as much time. Once again, I am in a position to be a big help to someone else and feel that this should be my primary focus right now. I will continue to blog, so please don’t leave me. I will try to post on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, until the situation improves.

Please don’t give up on me, or stop visiting. I need all the support I can get right now.

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I will be posting some excerpts of my work. Please also feel free to visit my author website: I will also try to post on Twitter a few times a week.

I am currently reading a book titled The Pilot’s Wife. The author is Anita Shreve. There is some language I don’t appreciate, but it is not  much, and the book is a heart-wrenching novel about what happens to a pilot’s family when the plane goes down and specualtion follows. I would give it a four star rating.

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Time Heals, Forgiveness Mends

This book is a suspenseful crime story in which Susan Morgan’s life has been turned upside down after her husband, John, is murdered. Suspects are questioned, one by one, each having their own motives for the killing. Susan’s life has drastically changed, but with time and forgiveness she races ahead to mend past hatreds and abuse. There are some who think she has gone off the deep end when she reaches out to the very ones who are suspects in her husband’s murder, but someone has to break the cycle of vengeance and hatred. Can Susan do it? – See more at:

A Child of the Mist by Kathleen Morgan

I just finished reading this book. It is the first in the series “These Highland Hills.” This was a very well written, well-plotted book with enough twists and turns to keep me wanting to read more. The characters are well written, and there was nothing to offend my Christian standards. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read the rest of them, although I don’t own the rest of the series yet, and I have many more books that need to be reviewed.

Happy Reading, my friends. This is an Historical Romantic Suspense set in Scotland during the middle ages when superstition, religious persecution of anyone with unusual talents. That’s all I’m going to say. I don’t want to spoil anything.

A Book for War Story Readers

Just a quick note: I am posting this because: 1) The Viet Nam Conflict was one of the worst wars our soldiers ever fought in and they were treated shamefully by our own people upon their return; 2) My husband was in the U.S. Coast Guard during that time, and only by the grace of God, was not re-assigned to the Navy and sent to ‘Nam; 3)Because I believe our military personnel and their families deserve more respect than many people give them; and 4) Because I like Tim O’Brien’s website. So I’m encouraging anyone interested in this genre to purchase the book. Link included. Due to some of the language I will not be purchasing it.

The Peace River Chronicles Book I

Chapter 2

Book I Chapter 2

My darling son, my only child, now that I am gone, it is time for you to know some things. This is not an easy letter for me to write. I should be there with you and just tell you, but I am a coward and have taken these steps to give you this information upon my death.

            Before I get into your heritage, I must tell you how grieved I have been not to be permitted to be a part of my grandsons’ lives. I know it isn’t your fault; yet it hurts. There is nothing to be done about it now, of course, but I implore you to please make their spiritual training a priority. It is the only way to overcome and break the family curse detailed below.

            When you were a wee lad you used to ask me about your da and I always skirted the answer. It was too ugly for a child of tender age to hear. By and by you stopped asking and I never brought it up. But you must know; you must guard against it within your own heart. Though I’ve never seen any signs of it in you, it’s an ugly truth you must know.

            I and my family lived in County Claire in Scotland. It was hard times. There were seven children in our family and Mam died giving birth to my youngest sister. I was the oldest. My father liked his drink and when he drank he wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. There was no denying him. Beatings and humiliation always followed if anyone denied him. When I was thirteen he started wanting me. I don’t know if Mam ever knew. I’d never have the heart to tell her. By then she was frail and still pushed herself to work hard scrubbing floors for others, even while carrying her youngest in her womb.

            When I was nineteen I found myself with child. If I stayed in County Claire I’d have to tell my mother that her husband, my father, was also the father of my child—you, dear Keith. The drink can destroy your soul and make you someone you don’t want to be. My father’s father did the same thing to his oldest daughter. I didn’t want that kind of attention, especially from my da. I wanted him to just be my da. You must guard your own heart and teach your sons not to touch their own daughters when they marry and have families of their own. It’s a family curse and I pray the curse is broken with you.

            You’ve been a good son, and I’ve always been proud of you. I’m glad you married well, though I must admit, I don’t understand why your new family has banished me. What did I ever do to them? I even made Lillith’s wedding gown right down to putting the glamour touches on it with the lace and pearls. She was a lovely bride. May you both be very happy for the rest of your lives.

            Give your heart to the Lord and I’ll see you in heaven one day.



Mac crumpled up the letter and threw it across the room. What possible purpose could his mother have had in writing this letter? What was he supposed to do with this information? He paced around the room, stamping and swearing. He couldn’t leave the letter crumpled in the floor. His wife would see it, or one of the boys. Then his in-laws would find out. They already hated him. He would burn it. No. He might need that someday. Where could he hide it?

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