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I got this email and am posting it here so other authors can join in this training video about getting your book on a virtual tour.

Hi Aleta,

Before I head out to hike at Watkins Glen in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes region today, I wanted to pass along this training opportunity to you!

You might already know that virtual book tours are a great way to get your book in front of thousands of new readers around the world without leaving home. (In fact, you might have downloaded my free report on virtual book tours!)

A virtual book tour is a lot like a traditional, in-person book tour but instead of traveling from city to city, hoping people will show up, you “visit” targeted blogs and podcasts instead.

If the idea of bringing your message to the right readers without leaving the comfort of home (and without worrying about airfare or what to wear!) appeals to you, then you’ll want to join my friend and colleague D’vorah Lansky for her new step-by-step training on virtual book tours! (affiliate link)

D’vorah has successfully created and managed several virtual book tours, including some that have helped her own books became Amazon bestsellers in record time!

She’s also taught thousands of authors how to run their own virtual book tours, Now she’s agreed to share her knowledge with you in a not-to-be-missed presentation called:

7 Strategies to Take Your Book on Tour Around the Globe Without Leaving Home!

It’s Thursday, September 8, at 7 p.m Eastern (6 pm CT/5 pm MT/4 pm PT).

During this live training you’ll discover:

  • What is a virtual book tour? (Along with how it can change your book marketing life forever!)
  • When to conduct your tour and how to keep your sanity and schedule intact.
  • How to turn your virtual book tour into a tool that keeps selling books.
  • A secret cross-pollination strategy that will get more traffic to your blog!
  • And more!

Here’s what you want to do next:

1. Register for the live training and the replay at my affiliate link:

2. Add the event to your September 8 calendar with the right time zone

3. Forward this message to a friend who will be interested.

Don’t miss out on this training! I’ll be there with you!

And have a lovely Labor Day weekend in the U.S.!

Sandy Beckwith

P.S. Only a limited number of people can fit in this virtual classroom, so ensure your spot by registering with my affiliate link now!

Build Book Buzz

copied this from my email at the urging of Sandra Beckwith.


Ever wish your sister worked as a producer for a top national TV show?

Imagine what an advantage that would be if you had something you wanted to promote to millions of people!

Maybe she’d put in a good word for you.

And she would certainly be able to give you all the ins and outs about what to do and NOT to do when approaching them so that you had the best possible chance of getting booked, right?

Well, when it comes to securing national media coverage that kind of insider-advice doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

In fact, you can have it all for FREE on Thursday.

You’re invited to a free live webcast on Thursday, March 3rd with Steve Harrison along with veteran journalists and producers who are responsible for deciding what authors/experts to interview for such media outlets as The New York TimesInc. Magazine, Oprah, and CNBC, as they show you how to create Your Ultimate Publicity Game Plan. 

Steve will be interviewing several of his media friends who know what it’s like to make decisions every day about which guests or experts to interview for their story or segment.

The question he’ll pose to all of them is a simple one: “If you had a brother or sister who wanted to get a lot of publicity and they asked you for your advice, what would you say?” (affiliate)

Steve knows from experience their answers will be enormously helpful to you. You’ll learn lots of little-known strategies and techniques that many professional PR people don’t even know. Here are just some of the insider-secrets you’ll discover:

Insider Secret #1: A writer for the New York Times and Inc. Magazine will reveal the key elements to telling your story in a way that makes editors and journalists say, “Wow! I love it!”

Insider Secret #2: A CNBC veteran will tell you what you should do before you contact a national TV producer to increase your odds of getting booked on national TV.

Insider Secret #3: A former Oprah producer will share a simple strategy for using YouTube to get producers to book you – especially if you’ve never been on national TV before.

Insider Secret #4: How to get major national coverage even if you don’t have a book. You will get the simple strategy shared with a CEO of a very unglamorous business that landed him on the CBS Evening News. You can do it too.

Insider Secret #5: The very first thing you should say on the phone or in your email to a producer or editor to have them stop everything and say, “Tell me more.”

Insider Secret #6: How to create the Ultimate Publicity Game Plan for you and what you’re promoting. You’ll learn how to make the task of getting the word out about your book, product, or service less overwhelming and doable.

Insider Secret #7: How to become a “go-to guest” that the media calls again and again. (affiliate)

Once registered, you’ll receive all the details back within five minutes.


Sandy Beckwith

P.S. Feel free to forward this message to a friend who might want to get insider tips for getting the national media’s attention!

Sandra Beckwith, Editor & Publisher
Build Book Buzz

The Business of Being an Author

Check out Joanna Penn’s website and video. You’ll be glad you did if you’re interested in being a successful author.

If you want to make a living as an author, check out Joanna Penn’s video: and website:

Joanna’s webpage also offers a free download (PDF file) of the transcript of the video/author interview. She lays out some basic principles that, when applied, may lead to success. She has authored several books, both fiction and non-fiction.