#BeWowWednesday–My First Contribution

It really is a WOW! Wednesday. Actually, there are two wows (more than that but these two stand out). The first WOW was Sunday when the Petrick family was visiting our church. Mr. Petrick is an evangelist who helps small churches (like ours). He has been to our church before and I love to hear … Continue reading #BeWowWednesday–My First Contribution


FREE! FREE! FREE! Mini Course from Holly Lisle.

Here's a link to a new FREE 3-day workshop (starts today: Tuesday) with Holly Lisle. You get FREE downloadable worksheets to spark your creativity in her mini How To Think Sideways course. here's the link: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=KCOJ6&m=3_Cx2P4bZqt9vgP&b=2GmX5wT86yb_v6lgTPbn6g