New Children’s Author on Amazon

Meet children’s author Keith Lawrence Roman. He has self-published several children’s books, all available on His email is Some of his books are in paperback form, some in hardback. They are colorful, fun stories. Following are links to some of his books.

These are just three of the many books he has written. Happy reading to your children.

Double Petunia

I heard this poem a long time ago and it has stuck with me. It’s just something fun to read. I have no idea who wrote it.

Petunia is a flower like begonia;

Begonia is a meat you eat with salt;

A salt and battery is a crime;

Monkeys crime trees;

Tree’s a crowd;

A rooster crowd and made  a noise;

The noise is on your face like eyes;

The eyes is opposite the nays.

A horse neighs. A horse has a colt;

You catch a colt–

And wake up with double petunia.

On The Road Again. . .

This will be a short trip. We’re heading to Bluestone State Park for our annual family reunion. We’ve been informed that the road at the main entrance is closed due to damage from blasting so we’ll have to go in the back way. That means not taking the camper. Oh, well. It will still be a great time and we’ll stay in the main cabin, which is really nice.

The main core of the family arrives today so we can start getting the shopping done for food and get everything ready for our weekend arrivals. We plan our lives around this weekend. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I actually left a job because the manager said I couldn’t go. I said I could get a new job but not a new family. I worked a two week notice when I returned from reunion, having secured another job while we were away.

My brother-in-law goes to Israel every year to teach basketball to the Palesinian children. There is a group from FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) that goes every summer. Every year we see new slides from the trip with more stories of people he has met and found good fellowship with. Perhaps he’ll let me use some of those photos on my blog. 

I started a Pinterest site yesterday. Hope to see you there, as well.

There are no photos for this post but I hope to be able to post a video later.