Books I’m Reading

Now that I'm working on the revision of Frienemies I'm finding time to read books by other authors on Goodreads as well as ChapterBuzz. On Chapter Buzz, I'm reading a book (rough draft) by Sheri Levenstein titled Sasha's Journey.  What do a talking cat, missing parents, and a teenaged girl who hears voices in her head have in common?  … Continue reading Books I’m Reading

Book Review: “The Cape Refuge” Series

Tom and I just finished reading the entire Cape Refuge series last week.  Wow.  Terry Blackstock knows how to weave a story, throw out red herrings, and keep you turning pages. All three books center around a halfway house run by Christians, and operated by donations of caring people, on an island in Georgia called Cape Refuge.  … Continue reading Book Review: “The Cape Refuge” Series

Book Review: Reactance by Dacia Arnold

I just finished this book last night.  It is the prequel to Dacia's first novel in a trilogy.  Reactance is a novelette whose main character is a teenager turned activist by catastrophic events that leave the entire world in chaos. Sasha Bowman is the eighteen-year-old who keeps a journal of all the current events.  Her … Continue reading Book Review: Reactance by Dacia Arnold