No Hot Water Needed

We are currently in the northern part of Nevada. It is so hot here we don't need the water heater turned on to get hot water for showers, washing dishes, etc. Likewise, our society (including our politicians) are so heated up with their own agenda that we have people fighting and killing each other over … Continue reading No Hot Water Needed


Our American History

I love this country. I was born here and I will die here. It isn't perfect. Boy, it seems that in the last fifteen years or so the hostility factor has escalated to the point that many people are afraid to watch the news and don't want to leave their homes. Have we not had … Continue reading Our American History

Rock Music continued

Part 2 of the section on Rock Music taken from "Satan's Bid For Your Child." This is a lengthy section and has two more parts after this one. Please remember that this was originally published in 1971. Still, it is enlightening as we look at our society today and the near absence of any moral … Continue reading Rock Music continued