The Relationship Answer Page

Still trying to figure this out. This is page 3 of my blog but all of my posts seem to end up on both my writing page and this one, regardless of content. So tonight I am struggling with my relationship with this technology. I am convinced that the problem lies with me and my techno-challenged mind. But with some help from my friends, you bloggers who have such lovely sites, well organized and pleasing to the eye, perhaps I’ll be able to get it looking spiffy and professional. I am thankful for all of the amazing friends and followers I have become acquainted with through blogging. We are a community: part of a blossoming family. Can you feel my smile?

10 thoughts on “The Relationship Answer Page

  1. Kev says:

    You posts go to a set page. You can set up other pages to highlight certain topics etc, ie; you may want to create a page all about your book(s) and it stays in place, whereas your posts get hidden after you’ve done so many.. they are still there, but out of site. Another reason to use categories and possibly an archive widget, but you have to go to the pages tab in your dashboard to update pages. You can however, create categories for posts page, and archives etc, so people can look for certain post topics. You’ll get use to it. Hope this helps. 🙂


  2. David B MacWilliams says:

    Always, I was looking at a Chabad website and saw someone named Lipsius…and then I cast my mind back to being a kid at Green Ridge Elementary school and a quiet girl named Aleta Lipsius and what a cool name I thought that was. It was 1959 to about 1965. Was that you?


    • lovessiamese says:

      Hi, David. I’m not familiar with Chabad. I looked it up and it seems to be a Jewish website (pretty cool), but I didn’t see anything there that included my name. I did attend Green Ridge Elem. from 1959-1965. I wasn in second grade in 1959/60. Kids who walked to school in 6th grade went to Sun Valley High because the elementary school was getting overcrowded. That was a fun year. My maiden name is Lipsius so I’m sure the person you are thinking of was me.


      • David B Kaufmann (MacWilliams) says:

        Thanks for getting back to me.
        I am wondering if you remember that 11/22/1963, there was a fire at Sun Valley and the school closed for the day, and later that day, Kennedy was assassinated.
        There is a lot on the Chabad website. “Aleta” is actually a sorta Jewish girl’s name. You came to mind when I saw it, don’t know why. I actually have very few memories of being a child.
        Hope you survived Hermine ok. A friend in Tampa did not do so well.
        Anyway, have a great day. Check my Facebook if you want. G-d bless you!
        David Kaufmann (MacWilliams)


      • lovessiamese says:

        I do remember that day! There was another day we were sent home early due to a blizzard. I was very glad that the school wasn’t far from home. I lived on Crystal Road. Thanks for the reminder about the fire. I remembered the blizzard but forgot about the fire. Being sent home early that day would explain why I was home watching television when Kennedy was shot.

        I never knew for sure the origin of my name. I’m still not really sure. My biological father, who chose my name, was German. My mom often told me that my father’s mother was half Cherokee, half Blackfoot. I have not been able to verify that. According to both of his parents were full-blooded German.
        Thankfully, we were not in the path of Hermine. We are in Tennessee for the month of Sept. My husband and I are full-time RV’ers, so wherever we’re parked, we’re home. There is a small church here that we really like and they are having their homecoming service near the end of this month. We decided to spend the month with these wonderful people.
        When the sixth grade was at Sun Valley I was in Mrs. Hannum’s home room and had Mr. Jennings for Language Arts. At that time I was in Girl Scouts and had a crush on Dennis Wren. He always called me a germ scout when I wore my GS uniform to school. I was very shy and insecure. Thankfully, knowing Jesus has changed that. My husband and I just celebrated 45 years in August. Next to Jesus, he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m not on FB anymore. Someone kept cloning me and I got tired of it. Have a great day!


  3. David Kaufmann says:

    Oh, I should mention that I never thought you were a “homely” girl. I saw soulful eyes and big hair and you looked down a lot. Shy maybe? Yes, but not “homely.” Strange that in 1975, I married another girl with soulful eyes and big hair, and we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary in July!
    Anyway, thought I would mention that. Funny how we think of ourselves when we were little.


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