#Honing My Writing Skills

  Alex Limberg, writing coach at https://ridethepen.com

Alex has put together an easy to read, easy to understand curriculum with downloadable templates and instructions that even the youngest novice can understand.  He gives examples from his own writing to illustrate the points.  He breaks it down into sections that are easy to navigate through.

white Triumph typewriterPhoto by Iga Palacz on Unsplash

The course starts with the basics, defines what is plot, what makes a good story, shows plot arcs and character arcs, then illustrates them on the downloadable templates.  It is an exciting and in-depth course that takes the writer from the first page to the last.

The course is title “Plottinator.”

Check it out and enjoy “the ride.”  Go ahead, ride the pen!

Oh, there is much more information on the ridethepen website.  Enjoy.