Taking a Break



Picture 006It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.  It’s been a little hectic, spending time with grandkids, coping with allergies, preparing for a granddaughter’s wedding, dealing with depressed people who don’t want to be encouraged, getting back to teaching children’s Sunday school and Wednesday evening church lessons.  I’m also working on a new novel while trying desperately to learn how to plot this one before I get started and run out of steam.

But I’m taking a great online course from Alex Limberg at Teachable.com.  The course is under the ridethepen logo.  The name of the course is Plottinator.  He has downloadable templates in every lesson, illustrations, and examples from his own writing to make it easy to understand what he’s trying to teach.  I am learning so much and printing out everything I download.  I might actually write a better novel this time than the first two I wrote.  That would be wonderful.

I will get back to Chapter Buzz when I have my outline and plot in order for this next novel.  I hope I get it done before Jesus comes back and tells Gabriel to blow that trumpet and call His children home!