Books I’m Reading

Now that I’m working on the revision of Frienemies I’m finding time to read books by other authors on Goodreads as well as ChapterBuzz.

On Chapter Buzz, I’m reading a book (rough draft) by Sheri Levenstein titled Sasha’s Journey.  What do a talking cat, missing parents, and a teenaged girl who hears voices in her head have in common?  This is a science fantasy story about a secret council whose sole purpose in existence is to protect its guardians of the world so they can protect other people.  So far they seem to be doing a rather pitiful job of protecting anyone.

The cast of characters (so far) involves humans, at least one cat, and telepathics.  I’m only on chapter three but it seems the cat (Tess) is the smartest character on the council.

The story opens with a family who, without warning, packs up and moves from one state to another hundreds of miles away.  The teenage daughter, Sasha, is miserable at having to leave her best friend behind and the new climate is not favorable either.

This book promises to be a fun read.


Daughter of Joy (Brides of Culdee Creek…

I also just started reading Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan.  Since I’m still on the first page the only thing I know about the book is that it is a story of grief, pain, suffering, and finding the joy of the Lord as He helps the suffering work through the sorrow, ultimately finding God’s purpose.  This is the first book in a series.

Happy Reading!