My thoughts on marketing with a BookBub ad

Great information on advertising with BookBub: their requirements for advertising with them and their benefit to authors. Reblogged from

Byrd Nash, author

In July, I ran several ads with different email newsletter groups that target readers looking for deals.

Readers sign up for free to these email newsletters to receive a daily or weekly newsletter telling them about current book deals on Amazon (sometimes Barnes and Noble). Authors can advertise their book deals in them for a fee.

These groups require authors have:

1.) An ebook version that will be put on sale during the dates of your ad.

2.) That your ebook is slashed by half in cost OR

3.) is priced at 99 cents (what they prefer).

4.) That your book is usually priced much higher $3.99 and up and is not a short story or novella. They want their readers to get “value for money.”

These are temporary sales to tempt readers to check out your book. Be aware it is unlikely you will make the money back on…

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6 thoughts on “My thoughts on marketing with a BookBub ad

  1. Wow! thanks so much for sharing! I do have some other resources for authors via my newsletter for those interested (it is free and no, I have no plans on selling my services as a marketer :D)


    1. You are quite welcome. I learned so much it seemed imperative to share the information. Thank you for helping struggling writers/authors without charging a bundle. I know coaches and professionals deserve the money for their expertise but for many of us going into debt is not an option, and we don’t have big bank accounts.


      1. I have no plans on selling myself as a marketer. I could – I’ve done it and have experience to sell but I want to focus on my writing career and that would be distracting. OTOH I don’t mind sharing what I’m learning as it build goodwill with other authors, many of whom have given publicity for my book without me asking or providing anything other then advice. 😉


    1. I completely understand being on a budget too LOL Really there is a treasure trove of information out there on the Internet that is all free. People just need to use common sense and read up – lots of good author-marketing books on amazon as ebooks. Find ones though that offer actual content and are not just upsells. 😉


  2. I agree. I get a lot of information from someone at Kindlepreneur that seems really helpful though I’m not ready to search it out just yet. I want to get my current WIP ready for publication and try to sell it as a package deal with the Kindle book that’s already there (and not doing well–only four reviews) and it’s been there for four years. I did a giveaway once but then Amazon changed the rules about the giveaway so I haven’t done another one. Maybe it’s time to try again. I get a lot of helpful information on writing and marketing from folks like K.M. Allan and K.M. Weiland as well. I want to try BookBub and Goodreads too. I’m already on Goodreads, but only as a reader.


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