Sunsets Over The Plains


Sunset after a storm in the northern plains of the panhandle of Texas.  The next photo is a different night but a spectacular sunset (in my opinion) while we were at the Adventure Zipline Park above Palo Duro Canyon.


Photos taken by my husband, Thomas E. Dye

God’s ever-changing creation never ceases to amaze and dazzle me.  I hope I never lose that sense of awe and wonder.  I agree with the psalmist:  “What is man that thou art mindful of him?” Psalm 8:4 and Psalm 144:3

We live in a world that has, for the most part, changed the truth of God into a lie.  We pick and choose Bibles that have been changed to appeal to our own sense of what is right and wrong.  The King James Bible (Authorized Version) was written on a 6th grade reading level and has its own built-in dictionary.  The NIV was written on a 7th or 8th grade reading level and uses bigger words.  The King James will use two different words in the same sentence to explain itself.  For the more archaic words, if you read the sentence you can figure out what a word means.  For instance, in Exodus 22:18 where God says, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” it obviously means not to allow.  If you look at the other verses in scripture where the word “suffer is used in a similar context, it means the same thing:  not to allow.

The point is, things that say something different, where the words are changed, the meanings are also changed.  The King James Bible uses the word “throughly” which all of the newer versions change to thoroughly.  They are two different words, though similar in meaning.  Throughly means completely, nothing lacking, from the inside through to the outside, from the heart to the outward expression.  “Thoroughly” can mean almost complete, or as good as can be expected.  I may get my dishes thoroughly clean, but over time they end up with spots that won’t come off.

Take time today to think about the incredible beauty God has surrounded us with, and thank Him for giving you the gift of sight that you may see the wonder of His creation.  And He created you, so you are a part of that magnificent creation, and you were not and are not a mistake.  God doesn’t make mistakes.  People do.

Have a blessed day.