Traveling: Water Conservation

Picture 086

We are now in the area of Santa Fe, NM.  It is called the “Land of Enchantment” with good reason.  The landscape changes from shrub covered knolls, rolling hills, and mountains of purple, terra cotta, and everything in between; from rugged rock to sand, to a mixture of both on the same mountainside in a matter of moments.  This is a place that can truly take your breath away every day.  (But we wouldn’t want to spend winters here.)

If you’re reading this for travel tips, hang on; they’re coming but I have to tell you what I saw today.  Some of the mountains still have little trails of ice on them at the top.  We drove to White Rock Overlook today and saw from the overlook the Rio Grande River running quite high.  But on the way home, a section of purple mountains were shadowed by a great blanket of blue-gray cloud, tipped in white, the white part spread out to the edges.  In the center of the cloud formation was a white pillar of rain coming down and sweeping under the blue-gray clouds.  It reminded me of the pillar of cloud by which God led the children Israel through the wilderness during the day.  How wonderful of God to allow us to glimpse that part of His power that so many people count as just Biblical fairytale.

Okay.  Now that I’ve gotten that portion of excitement out of my system, here’s today’s tip:  When setting up for dry camping I use a big kettle to heat water for washing dishes, and a smaller pot (or kettle) for rinsing.  The rinse water becomes the next day’s dishwater.  (Oh, I wipe out all the grease and sticky stuff I can with a paper towel so the water doesn’t get as yucky, and it takes less water to wash than if you’re scrubbing stuff off the sides of the pots and skillets.

That’s my tip(s) for today.  Happy traveling.