Travel Tips: Clogged Drains

Picture 006

This photo was taken in 2001 when my husband’s parents took us in their 34′ Airstream on a summer trip to Alaska.  They are the ones pictured here.

Tips I learned from my sweet mother-in-law:  Don’t pull the drain stopper out of the sink when emptying dishwater.  Loosen it so it will catch the food particles that would otherwise clog the drain.  Then clean the drain stopper in the garbage bag before replacing.  If necessary, use a paper towel and an old toothbrush.  Repairing the plumbing is no fun.

When I was growing up we had a bathtub, no shower.  My mom and I always washed our hair in the kitchen sink.  I insert a plastic hair catch in the drain to catch the hair that falls out.  When finished, I empty the hair catch into the garbage bag.  When I take a shower I use a shower cap to avoid having hair go down the drain.

Happy traveling!