Traveling: The Winds of Canyon, TX


This photo was taken in the state of Washington but the landscape is similar to what we have here at the Zipline Adventure Park in Canyon, TX.  Saturday night, June 1, 2019, we had the worst wind storm ever.  We had straightline winds blowing between70-80 mph on the high plains here.  There are no trees to break up the current.  Thankfully, our motorhome was flanked on all sides by other RV’s.  I felt sorry for the people in tents.  Most of them packed up their tents and slept in their cars.  Unfortunately for one tent owner, they apparently were not in the park at the time the storm hit and it blew their tent completely upside down and wedged it between two other campers.

We had hard hail, followed by lighter hail, pounding rain, and driving buffeting winds that rocked all of in any form of RV, some more than others.  The little pull-along camper to our right commented to my husband Sunday morning, “Thanks for the windbreak.”  But everyone survived with no apparent damage, except for that one tent owner.

Praise the Lord for His mercy and protection.