Travels with Tom and Kay

Our summer trip started with a visit to my sister-in-law and her mom in Houston, Texas.  We spent two lovely weeks visiting them with a few trips to the Walmart Neighborhood Market and a trip to Kohls for shopping.

My sister-in-law, Susan, is a person who loves people.  She loves to write pen pal letters and has recently decided to branch out and do a monthly newsletter.  She has asked for my assistance so we can work on this project together.  I find some of the information, write it up, and send it to her as an attachment.  Then she puts it in a file on her computer, configures it the way she wants it, and off go the letters.  We are anxiously awaiting responses from the recipients.

While in Houston we visited the Mercer Botanical Gardens.  Here are some photos taken by my husband, Tom.


My brother, Winn, and his wife Susan.


Susan and her mom, Miss Penny.  Miss Penny has some health issues at the age of 92, so you prayer warriors out there, please keep her in your prayers.  Susan is a 24/7 caregiver for her mom.

Flowers in the botanical gardens: